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How to Succeed in Trading Commodities

TweetCommodity trading basically refers to trading in physical stocks.  This can include everything from precious metals like silver and gold to crops like corn and grains.  However, unlike some other investment options, trading commodities is not easy.  There is no

The 5 Golden Rules of Commodity Trading

TweetCommodities are all of those things that people use every day, such as fuel and food and everything in between. So, when you think about it, it’s actually quite wise to start trading commodities, as they’re always in demand and

Investing in Commodities: A Fool Proof Guide


TweetThere are so many investment opportunities these days you probably don’t know where to start. Well, a good option to go for would be to invest in commodities. This is something that a lot of people are doing these days,

Important Preparations if You Want to Invest in Penny Stocks

TweetA lot of people like to prepare for the future financially. And, one of the best ways to do this is to invest money and build up profits over time. A lot of investment opportunities can prove highly lucrative, and

US Stocks of Crude Oil Grows Sharply

TweetCommon US stocks of crude oil grew reaching 425.6 million barrels last week, climbing nearly 80-year high. This is another signal that commodity prices will remain low amid global oversupply. The US WTI crude oil fell sharply on Friday, although

Gold Demand Drops 4% in 2014

TweetWorldwide gold demand fell with more than 4% in 2014, due to the decrease of two key markets - India and China, reports the World Gold Council in its latest report on trends in the market of precious metal. Total

Crude oil futures with most powerful week in 4 years

TweetThe crude oil futures recorded their best week since February 2011, growing with over 7% and returning above the psychological barrier of 50 USD per barrel. The WTI crude oil with March delivery rose sharply by 2.4% on Friday, closing

Gold price rose above 1300 USD

TweetGold price rose above the psychological barrier of 1,300 USD per ounce for the first time since August amid investors’ appetite for assets havens in view of the political and economic uncertainty in Europe. The futures on the gold with

Gold futures grew but remain under 1,300 USD

TweetThe price of gold rose to its highest level in more than four months on Friday amid turmoil in the foreign exchange market after the decision of the Swiss Central Bank to remove the ceiling against the EUR. The Gold

Gold futures continue growing trend

TweetThe Gold futures continue growing trend and reached its highest level since October. The rise was helped by demand for a safe place for investment induced by the continuing decline in oil prices and weakness in some stock markets. The