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Copper price reached 5-year low

TweetThe price of copper fell to its lowest level in over five years because of speculation about faltering growth and uneven economic development in the US, Germany and China, which are the largest consumers of the metal. The price of

Crude oil futures grew slightly

TweetThe crude oil prices recovered part of the decline from the previous days on Thursday. The experts rely on too strong decline in the last trading days and believe that this is a technical reaction. On 7th January 2014 the

Gold futures fell with 1.43%

TweetGold futures fell with 1.43% on Friday, closing the week at 1,190.40 USD per ounce. The asset with February delivery however rose by 1.25% compared to a week earlier due to global volatility due to the situation on the oil

WTI Crude oil stabilized around 67 USD per barrel

TweetAfter taking into account the sharp fluctuations in the past few days, the price of oil seems to find an equilibrium point, stabilizing at around 67 USD per barrel on Wednesday. The price of the January futures WTI rose by

Price of Brent crude oil fell with 1%

TweetThe price of Brent crude oil fell with 1% during the Asian session on Tuesday after a day earlier asset account unexpectedly sharp rise. In the last minutes of the session in Tokyo a barrel of Brent crude for delivery

Gold broke its last week growth

TweetGold closed last week with a fall, thus terminating two consecutive weeks on the rise. The reason for the retreat became another strong economic data limited demand for the metal as a hedge against risk. Gold with delivery in December

Silver reached lowest level in 4 years

TweetSilver reached lowest level in 4 years, after the contracts of the metal dropped in Thursday, although the Federal Reserve kept interest rates on Wednesday. The market remains focused on signals that the central bank of the United States sent

Gazprom can cover gas demand in Europe and China

TweetRussia is able to satisfy in full the growing requests for gas in Europe and China, said today at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Gazprom chief Alexei Miller. Gazprom can cover the demand for gas in Europe and

Silver futures fell for 5th consecutive week

TweetThe silver futures fell for 5th consecutive week, as the investors continued to restrict their bullish trades for the precious metal. The silver with September delivery wiped with 2.1% in the period 11th and 15th August 2014, closing the week

Futures of Brent crude oil fell with 2%

TweetThe futures of Brent crude oil fell with 2% for the week, despite the strong growth on the finish line on Friday. The European traded oil price fell after earlier in the week the International Energy Agency (IEA) cut its