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Energy Union will reduce EU dependence on suppliers

TweetEC should be in solidarity and to reduce its dependence on energy suppliers, and the parties must be able to rely on their neighbors (by linking markets) when faced by disruptions of supply. This concept provides for the creation of

Federal Regulators to Crack Down on Unaffordable Payday Loans

TweetPayday loans have long come under scrutiny from watch dogs and federal regulators. But now, in February 2015, the regulators are going to ensure that payday loans are more stringently checked. This is in the face of mounting debt within

British retail sales sharply dropped in February

TweetBritish retail sales sharply dropped in February, as their volume reached its lowest level since November 2013. The key reason for this weaker sales of food, showed a study published on Monday. The volume of retail sales and orders disappointed

Gold Demand Drops 4% in 2014

TweetWorldwide gold demand fell with more than 4% in 2014, due to the decrease of two key markets - India and China, reports the World Gold Council in its latest report on trends in the market of precious metal. Total

Ireland Will Insist for Sale Agreement with Greece

TweetIreland will insist that any new or modified agreement achieved by Greece, also applies to them. It said the Irish Minister for Agriculture Simon Coven. The Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras rejected the idea of an extension of the rescue

Businesses Spent More Money On Training In 2014 Than Ever Before

TweetTraining has always been a vitally important element when negotiating the business world. As the old saying goes, a company is only as good as its employees. So, it should come as little surprise that most of the firms on

Is The Internet To Blame For The Financial Crisis?

TweetLooking back at the world of finance in the last seven years, it is hard to see a way to stop crises occurring again. Despite years of arguments over who was to blame, pointing the finger has achieved nothing. The

Let The Web Save You Money With These Secret Tricks

TweetEveryone knows that the internet can save you money. We all use it to shave the cost from our purchases of consumer goods all the time, especially in these hard times. But there are loads of more unusual ways to

Greece rely on TAP and Southern Energy Corridor

TweetGreece rely on TAP and Southern Energy Corridor, said the Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Evangelos Venizelos, in welcoming the participants in the Greek-Turkish business forum. The forum was attended businessmen from both countries, Greek ministers and the Turkish

Helmut Kohl criticizes accepting Greece to join Eurozone

TweetThe former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl criticizes in his new book, his successor Gerhard Schroder, who left Greece to join the Eurozone, and the current world leaders that have isolated Russia during the Ukrainian crisis. In his book “Out of