The old house is on the market, and the new house is ready to go. All you have to do is sign the papers, and you are golden. However, there is a problem – your old house won’t sell. For whatever reason, buyers are not looking at your home and liking what they see. Obviously, this is a massive problem because you cannot move forward without a quick sale. But, don’t worry as this is common. As long as you follow the tips below, you should get more interest in the property than you could ever imagine.

Upgrade The Property

The first trick up your sleeve is to make the property more desirable. If you can add value to the property in some way, buyers will start to take more notice. Of course, you will have to spend a little bit of cash to make it happen, yet it is money well spent. Alternatively, you don’t have to go overboard because a few strategic upgrades will do the job. Concentrate on making the place sparkle on the inside and the outside by clearing away the clutter and adding a new coat of paint. It is amazing the effect spring cleaning has when it comes to houses.

Sell To A Flexible Vendor

Regardless of your situation, there are buyers that will buy at almost any cost. For example, do you own a vacant property or do you need to relocate sharpish? What about your financial situation? Are you in foreclosure or are about to be and need to sell quickly? Don’t worry because the right vendor will take it at any cost. And, they are legitimate.

Take Less Money

The alternative option is to lower the asking price and come to a compromise.  Obviously, this is not what you want to do because you want as much money as possible. Still, it might be your only option if the house has been up for sale for a long time and there are no buyers. The key is to find a price below the asking price that you are comfortable accepting. That way, you have the money that you need from the sale, and you also encourage buyers to make a bid.

Buy To Rent

One of the main problems you are going to have is convincing a buyer that they can sell the property down the line. After all, an interested party may only be interested in buying it to sell it on for a profit. For obvious reasons, they won’t be enamored by a house that was almost impossible to sell in the first place! This is where your selling skills come into play because you can convince them to do a buy to rent deal. Basically, they buy it but rent it out to prospective renters. As the market has not been brilliant for some time, there will always be interest. And, they will start recouping their money straight away.

So, if you ever find yourself in a tricky property situation, start thinking outside of the box.

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