Moving into a new office can be a lot of work, whether it’s your first one or a new location. It often disrupts your staff and productivity at least a little bit, and it can take a while. If you’re planning an office move or the opening of somewhere new, you might not know where to start. The process might take a while, but it should be fairly simple to complete. Plan your office setup using the key tasks below. Once you’ve finished, you should have a fully-functional office space. It will be perfect for your employees and your brand.

Wiring and Structural Work

If you’re moving into a rented office, it hopefully already has everything you need. But you might have bought an office with the idea of putting in a few extras. If this is the case, you’ll probably want to have those things done before you do anything else. It will be more of a hassle to do it later, once everyone is already settled in. It might delay the move, but it’s better than disrupting everything later. One of the things you might need to get done is installing wires and cables. Look at for an example of a service you can use. A professional contractor should be able to help you out in no time.

Interior Decoration

You’ll want to do any redecorating before you move in properly too. Your office doesn’t have to be a plain space that doesn’t represent you. You can use it as an opportunity to enhance your brand’s personality. Think about using your brand colors and logo to add a personalized touch to the whole office. You might go for something subtle, or you could choose to get very creative. Think about creating an environment your staff will be able to work in too. There are techniques you can use to help them be more productive. Find some great office furniture options at

Getting the Furniture In

Once you’ve taken care of the interiors and any technical needs, you can start bringing in furniture. Desks are a must, but think about how they will be used. For example, many offices are beginning to use standing desks. You might want to have long desks where everyone sits side-by-side, or individual pods. Perhaps you want break-out areas for people to work together. Consider your layout and how you want to encourage your staff to work.

Setting Up Equipment

When the furniture is in, you need to set up any technical equipment. You should have all your wiring done, so it’s time to put in computers, printers, and other things. At this point, you’ll want your IT team on board to set up networks and other essentials. If you already have an office, you might just be copying the setup you have there or perhaps moving it over. You’ll need to consider your technological requirements to make sure you get it right.

Setting up your new office may take a while, but it could also be done in a day. How long it takes depends on the work you want to do.


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