If you are hoping to launch a small business, you need to think about ways you can stand out from the competition. Whether you plan to launch the next best newspaper stand in your neighborhood, or want to take over the regional cookie market, you need to offer something that no other business in your market segment offers. Think about how you can stand out and take that idea to the next level.

To really interest your potential customers, have something eye-catching that attracts them to your place of business. Of course, you’ll need a brick and mortar establishment for this idea, but the concept could work with a virtual business with a little ingenuity.

To attract a bounty of customers, stuff your place of business full of flowers, even some that are free to customers to take after each visit. This idea could be modified to fit a virtual business by including a small flower with each purchase.

There is something special about a room full of flowers – inviting, cheery, and uplifting, flowers will help enhance your numbers in a variety of ways. First off, flowers will attract folks who are simply drawn to the pretty colors displayed in your store’s windows. Next, once folks are drawn closer, they’ll begin to appreciate the thoughtfulness in decorating your store with flowers. You’ll see return business once that effort sinks in and people begin to appreciate just how wonderful it was that they could have their day enhanced by your thoughtfulness.

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You will certainly notice a positive reaction from potential customers as they walk in the door and delight at the array of beautiful flowers you’ve presented them with. If you deal with virtual consumers, know that each time they open a package from your company, they’ll smile both outwardly and inwardly in appreciation of your gesture.