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Irrefutable Reasons Companies Need To Invest More In Employee Training

In 2014, businesses in the United Kingdom spent more money on training than ever before – let’s hope it is a trend that continues.

In the not so recent past, there has been a lack of respect towards training from a lot of business owners. They saw it as an expenditure that they didn’t get back because the results were hard to quantify. As a result, they neglected it as much as possible. Or, they didn’t invest the time, money and energy they should have done to make it work. If you are a boss reading this post, this train of thought is something you need to avoid at all costs. What you need to do is to jump on the new trend that is taking over the business sector with regards to training.

Here’s why businesses are spending more money on training than ever before.

Improves Skill And Knowledge

There is only so much that you can teach your employees in-house. To broaden their horizons and widen their scope, they need to accumulate information from multiple sources. Regardless of your age, you never stop learning because the world is constantly evolving and changing. Your business may do things one way, but that may not be the way that everyone else completes their tasks. By attending training sessions, you and your team can learn something new. On most occasions, it is something that you would not learn otherwise.

They Become Better At Their Job As A Result

Education is essential as it improves you as a person. When you know more, and your skill is higher, you can complete tasks to a higher standard. It is that simple, and that is why training is important. Once your team begin to take in more information and process that information, they can apply it to the workplace. The next time they go into work, they will perform a task differently that makes them more efficient and effective at their job. Increased efficiency and effectiveness are two traits of a high qualified individual or group of people.

Perform Better Standard Of Work

The direct result of them being better at their job is that the quality rises. For any company, that is a target that you always want to hit. As every business sells trades and services of some kind, they work off their reputation, and you are no different. The reason that you succeed, or fail, is down to your brand in many respects. If your clients and potential clients know you are a firm that provides the best standard of work, they will be more inclined to invest. Because you employees are the fabric of the company, their work represents your brand.

Productivity Increases

What is very good about training is that it brings new ideas and new ways of working to the table. Instead of doing the same thing every day, an employee can go about their working day in a different manner thanks to an informative training session. The benefit of this is that they relieve their boredom and start challenging themselves again. Work can be monotonous and repetitive at times, so you need to keep everyone awake and fulfilled. When they are fulfilled and challenged, they will work harder and get through more tasks than normal.

Invest In The Company

All you need to know in many respects is that you are investing in the company when you invest in your employees. To improve your workforce is to improve your business as a whole. The bosses that don’t want to improve their employees are allowing them to stagnant, which in turn is allowing their company to stagnate too. Everything your team does is for the good of the firm, so it only makes sense that they are at their maximum.

Health And Safety

Not all training is to make your business sell more units. Of course, that is one of the main reasons you invest in training in the first place, but you should not limit it to this reason alone. Another reason to invest in training is to keep everyone in the workplace safe and secure. Health and safety regulations are varied and complex, so it is hard for everyone to know what they cannot and cannot do at work. To make sure everyone is on the same page, they need showing what is right and what is wrong. Not only does it provide them with a nice working environment for them to work, but it also lowers the chance of an accident and a potential lawsuit.

It’s The Law

Staying with that point, health and safety training is the law. If you don’t provide your employees with adequate training, you and the company are liable. If someone does get hurt in the office, it will be your fault and that leaves you could open to sanctions. Depending on the accident, you could face anything from a large fine to jail time. Plus, you would be the subject of another lawsuit for damages that could wipe out your bank balance.


Training is an opportunity for your team to work on new things, something that has already been established. But, in this case, it is not about topping up on a job role that they already know– it is about learning new skills altogether. Running a business is costly, and your employees are your biggest expense, so you want to lower that cost wherever possible. Obviously, you cannot hire a person that you cannot afford, which leaves you with two options. You can invest in technology to take over the role, or you can train an existing member of the company. Businesses tend to prefer training an existing member of the company as most programs need a person to man and keep it running. It is a fact that raising an employee’s wage by a couple of pounds is cheaper than paying another wage.

As a boss, it is your prerogative to make sure that your employees receive the training they deserve. It is not only in their best interests, but it is in yours, too.

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