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Gold vs. Silver: Which is the Better Investment?

These days, when it comes to investments, it’s difficult to get better than precious metals. They are accessible, affordable, and offer great returns on investment. Investment in gold or silver is becoming hugely popular. And, if you have ambitions of investment you definitely need to consider precious metals.

However, the issue you will have is deciding which is the better choice, gold or silver. Now, this might depend on personal taste, or where you live. But, this post will look at some comparisons between the two. By the end you will hopefully know enough that you’ll be in an informed position to look at the two and decide which is a better investment opportunity.


Gold is one of the most precious and valuable metals on the planet. And it seems to be one of the few materials that tends to be unaffected by the rest of the market. While gold can be quite expensive, it does represent a safe and sound investment. In fact, if you have the money gold can prove to be very lucrative as an investment choice.

However, you are going to need quite a bit of money to make this a worthwhile pursuit. If you have the cash, then you can go for it right away. If not, you’re going to have to save up. Investing in gold is a fantastic use of your finances, but you need to be careful.

There’s no doubt that there is a huge market for the trading of gold, especially gold bars. It’s readily available, and you’re always going to find buyers for it. This makes it one of the best ways to invest your money and make a profit. But, its price means it is only a good choice for select people. Let’s have a look how it compares to silver for investment purposes.


Silver is another precious metal that you could think about investing in. It moves in the same kind of market as gold, but is often a more popular choice for investors. If you look at where to buy silver, you can make quite a bit of money from investing as long as you are sensible.

It’s important to remember that you need to look for value as well as return on investment. Silver represents much better value than gold. For instance, spending around $1,000 in a coin should get you around 40oz of silver. Whereas you’d be hard pressed to get a single ounce of gold for the same price.

You also need to look at the history of both metals. There have been a lot of restrictions put in place on gold over the years. And this somewhat limits what you are able to do in terms of buying and selling. With silver you don’t have this problem to contend with. So in many ways it’s a much simpler choice especially for those just starting out.

When it comes down to a neck and neck, there has to be a winner, and it looks like silver takes the gold! It seems like it’s much better value, and less available therefore makes for a more lucrative investment. If you want to invest in precious metals, you need to bypass gold and go straight for silver.

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Rise In Car Accidents And Insurance: The Facts

It has all over the media, and there is truth in it too - car accidents are on the rise. While this piece of news is terrifying for the average driver, it also has a financial implication. Many people now worry that the change in the stats will hit the economy fast. There is no doubt that these accidents cost the taxpayer a great deal. They also make premiums rocket. So, what should you know about this trend and what can you do?

The economy will not suffer

The truth of the matter is that the US car industry is booming. In recent news, the sales figures were on the rise for cars in America. That is to say that we should not worry about the great economy here. Many people have theorized that the increase in accidents will prevent drivers from buying vehicles. Nothing could be further from the truth. The industry is as stable as it ever was. In reality, there are more people buying cars every year than ever. In this country, many manufacturers and sales teams benefit. It is important to remember that.

Accidents will drive up premiums

There is no doubt about it - these accidents will drive up premiums. The average cost of car insurance is sure to be on the rise. That fact is something that every driver ought to know. While people need to get insurance, it is crucial that they shop around as much as they can. That way, they are certain to get something that suits them. If you are a safe driver, it is likely that you can earn no claims bonuses and discounts. You should keep that in mind when it comes to finding the right one for you. The car crash stats are worrying, but you need not worry about them.

Choose the right package 

When it comes down to it, it is vital that people find the right package for them. Educate yourself on different types of insurance before you do anything else. There is a wealth of information on the A Plus Insurance site that you might find useful in the long run. If you spend a little time doing your research, you should have no problem finding the right package. Remember, different drivers need various levels of coverage. When people search for the right one, they are likely to save money.

Avoid road accidents

Finally, drivers should protect themselves by avoiding all road accidents. Since the winter is upon us, safe driving is the most important thing. That means that people should do all they can to keep safe when they are on the road. If it helps, some drivers may want to learn some extra rules. If it has been a while since you took your test, you might wish to review some of the rules that you learned back then. That way, you can protect yourself and those around you. While the roads may be getting less and less safe, you have to be careful.

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Downsizing Your Home to Manage Debt

We’re told that the economy is on the rise again, which should, in theory, mean an increase in finance for all of us. Unfortunately, though, some of us are still feeling the effects of this generation’s economic crisis. If you find yourself short of money and in need of paying off a large debt, you may have an escape clause thanks to your home.

The thought of selling your house may seem drastic, but that may be what is needed in desperate times. Downsizing can ultimately pay off a huge portion of your debt, but only if you approach the sale in the right way. Here are a few things you need to be aware of.

Getting Maximum Value

Selling your home, especially when you don’t really want to, can be a traumatic experience. Especially if you have to compromise on the price. In all likelihood, your asking price will take a dent, especially if you want to sell up quickly. House prices aren’t yet on the mend, so you will have to compromise on market value.

If you want to sell your house fast, it doesn’t necessarily mean a huge loss in value, providing you take the right steps. Do not settle for buyers that will try and tempt you by making an offer of 70% of the valuation. Trust me, they will come along, but you must stick to your guns at all costs. Even when pursuing a quick sale, you can still recoup around 94% of market value, which isn’t a great loss.

Should You Sell Independently?

There are pros and cons to chasing a sale by yourself. Recruiting the help of a real estate agent will benefit you in a few ways, but at a premium price. You have to weigh up in your mind whether it’s financially viable for you to seek assistance. But, ultimately, that is the best method for a number of reasons.

First of all, real estate brokers have significantly more reach than you do. They’ll be able to attract more potential buyers, and thus increase the likelihood of a sale getting off the ground. They’ll also have the means and resources to make sure everything is above board. It’s important that all paperwork checks out, as this minimizes the risk to yourself.

The Next Step: Buy or Rent?

Before your house is sold, you’re going to need somewhere else to live. You’ll certainly have to get this figured out before the sale goes through. But should you look at buying another property or renting for a while? My advice would be to rent elsewhere, at least until you’re back on your feet.

By the time you’ve sold off your home, and given a fraction of that to the real estate company, there may not be much left over to pay off your debts. Let alone buy a new house outright. For that reason, it’s advisable to rent for a while, but choose somewhere that allows you to live within your means.

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