A business succeeds not because of any one strand of it. A great product alone isn’t enough. A productive staff in an engaging work environment isn’t enough. The most organised and effective marketing campaign isn’t enough. You need to have all those elements come together to make your business a well-oiled machine from top to bottom. Your online presence is part of that. In today’s market, it’s practically a mandatory part of the business. In this article, we’re going to tell you what we consider to be the three main cores of a strong online presence.


The one thing that you need to have well defined before you even launch online is the brand identity that’s going to be at the core of it. Not just the visual style. But the values and qualities that the visual style is trying to communicate. The things that are unique about your brand and how you communicate that to the customer. Not just visually, but in terms of the voice that you use behind your content as well. Professionalism. Friendliness. Quality. Humanity. These are all aspects of a business that can easily be communicated by a strong brand. Find the one that will best help you and be persistent with it.



Naturally, that message isn’t going to be worth all that much if it falls on deaf ears. You need to make sure that there are people willing to hear that message when you’re spreading it out there. For one, you need to make sure people can find your website. This means using keywords, content and link-building correctly to succeed as search engine optimisation. It also means going out there and getting involved in the community. Don’t just send a message out, but interact with the people you want to make your audience, as well. You can even use tactics like influencer marketing to make sure that people are talking about your company. Once you get them talking about you, then you need to focus on what your online presence actually delivers.



When we talk about what it delivers, we’re focusing on the value that it has to people who come and find you. If your online presence just going to be a place that people can find out about what you provide? Or is it going to offer more? Is it going to have an effective, easy to use navigation? Perhaps it can focus on providing support to customers and giving them a place they can leave feedback or discuss with one another. It could, of course, be a place to set up an ecommerce operation. It might even have value that’s not specifically about your services either. Effective content marketing means sometimes producing content that has value related to your industry. But not always your exact products and services.

We hope that this article helps you in the future. Just keep the three cores in mind. The identity behind the message you want to spread. Making sure that people actually see it. Having the substance to go with the style.

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