How To Create A Positive Working Environment

TweetEveryone wants their business to have a positive work environment. You want your employees to be happy, and you’ll get the most out of them if they are. However, the sheer nature More »

Got A Great Business Idea? How To Get Money When The Banks Won’t Lend

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4 Methods To Deal With A Bad Credit History

TweetOne of the main goals in life is to become financially intelligent. When you are intelligent, you no longer have to worry about money. However, it is almost impossible to achieve that More »

Big Data: 2016’s Innovative Way For Companies To Do Number Crunching

Big Data: 2016’s Innovative Way For Companies To Do Number Crunching

TweetCompanies have often strived to keep their operations lean and efficient. They use a variety of strategies to achieve such ambitious goals. These days, technology is lending those businesses a helping hand. More »

Employees Not Up To Scratch? Here Are The Reasons Why

Employees Not Up To Scratch? Here Are The Reasons Why

TweetSometimes, we find that the hiring process doesn’t go as smoothly as we might have hoped. Suddenly those employees seem uninterested, lazy and unable to do the task at hand. In some More »


4 Financial Issues To Consider After Leaving The Military

Army veterans are in a tough position, financially as well as personally. Aside from all the traumatic issues, their financials can take a severe hit when they transition to an ordinary working life. So, if you have recently finished serving

Is Your Business Operating In A Financially Efficient Manner?

When it comes to business, one word counts for more than any other: money. Finances dictate every element of a company’s operations. It’s vital that your ventures are conducted in the best manner possible. Failure to do this will restrict

What Options Are There For Dealing With Debt?

At some point in your life, you will have to deal with debt. It is a part of growing up and becoming financially and independently stable. Still, that doesn’t mean that the debt will just disappear after a while. Sometimes,

Get Smart: How To Become Financially Intelligent

Our finances can be one of our greatest preoccupations in life. Whether we like it or not, our financial situation can have a profound effect on our mood and overall wellbeing. When we are confident and relaxed in our finances,

Crude Oil Falls Below $40 Barrel Thursday

Investors are scrambling as the volatile nature of oil prices has rang again.  On Thursday, the price of a barrel of crude oil fell to lower than $40 which signals the biggest drop in the last two months.  The rumored

4 Signs That An Employee Is Stealing From You


It’s not a fun thing to think about, but there’s always the potential that your employees could be stealing from you. The more employees you take on, the bigger the chances of there being a rogue influence in there who

What You Need to Know About IRS Tax Debt


When it’s time to file and pay your taxes to the IRS, it really is best to just get it done. As harsh and bizarre as it may sound, the IRS system is designed to make your life miserable if

Planning A Corporate Event: A Beginner’s Guide


At some point or another, all business owners will need to hold a corporate event. Be it a company conference or an event for various brands in the same field as them; it doesn’t matter. Corporate events take a lot

Three Online Payment Methods That Your Business Should Offer


It’s a fact of life that an increasing number of customers are taking their business online. As a result, this means that online payment methods are becoming more of a necessity, and sites which still ask for old-school, manual payment

How to Secure Your Long-Term Finances


Your long-term financial security might not such a big deal compared to the short-term bills and financial demands we all deal with. But it is worth taking the time to think about the future. Here are some tips to help