The real estates and houses prices in the UK rose to a new record levels in March, as the buyers continue to be more than the buyers. Also the lack of supply of new homes for sale will likely raise the prices in the coming months.

The recovery in the real estates market of the United Kingdom, which was supported by government programs also contributed for the prices growth. According to unofficial information the prices of the new homes grew with 1.6% or about 4,000 GBP, compared with the data for the previous month and reached a record high of 255,962 GBP at average. Compared to March 2013 the prices in the country rose with 6.8%, or about 16,000 GBP.

The politicians and governors of the central bank continue to express confidence in the strict practices by releasing a mortgage loans. They believe that this will help the country to avoid a bubble in housing and to recover the property market on the island.

The United Kingdom is not feeling the debt crisis of the Eurozone and still missed the bubble, which hurt the Spanish and Greek real estates market. However, the country is trying to terminate the rapidly growth of the prices and to stabilize the real estates sector. The increase of the supply of new homes will stabilize the market and will stop the growth.