Both new and established companies are keen to build an online presence. Aside from creating a website, they will also turn their attention to social media. It’s a proven fact that social networks help to target niche audiences. And drive traffic to one’s website, of course!

That’s all good, but there is one problem that some businesses keep making. In fact, there are several mistakes when it comes to online branding. Here are some of the top ones - and how to avoid making them!

Targeting the wrong audiences

Let’s say that you run a business in a ultra-niche market. For instance, you provide management software that IT network administrators can use. If you’re targeting PC end users, you’ll not get the ROI that you hoped from your branding activities!

One of the biggest mistakes companies do is to target the wrong people. Some firms believe they only need to target other businesses that may use their products. What they aren’t doing is researching their ideal customer persona.

Putting all branding efforts into design and none into function

Part of your marketing activities might include getting people to visit your website. You may have the ingredients needed to get people clicking through to your site. But, what happens next?

It’s important all branding efforts involve activities with a mix of design AND function. Websites should allow people to learn more about your products and services. They must also offer ways for them to contact you and buy online.

Not tracking what people say online

We humans are a strange bunch. If we have an issue with poor service, we don’t usually complain. Well, we do but not to the person that it applies to: the service provider. Instead, we’ll moan about things to our friends online. We might even write a scathing review somewhere on the Internet.

As a company, you need to know when people are talking about your brand. It makes sense to use some online review management tools for that purpose. That way, you can respond to and deal with issues quicker. Doing so also shows your brand in a positive light. In other words, you aren’t just perceived to be ignoring your customers.

Forgetting about the CTA

The Call To Action is crucial on any web-based content. It doesn’t matter if you’re building a brand on your website, social media or both. What does matter is you get your audience to do something once you’ve “hooked” them in.

It goes without saying that your CTA needs to be clear, concise and attention-grabbing. Don’t hide your CTA in a part of your content that isn’t easy to spot. It should be easy to find, like seeing a retail store illuminated with neon lights at nighttime!

Not refreshing website design and content

A company’s website will be the hub of their online branding activities. Let’s face it. No-one wants to visit a site that hasn’t changed much in about five years! And why should they? It’s unlikely to have any new or relevant information, right?

Avoiding that problem is simple: keep your site up-to-date! Remember that your customers and other people will visit and link to your site online. Keep the content and the design of your site fresh.

Good luck!


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