Samsung Smartphones Not in the Top 3 of China’s Smartphone Market

Despite regaining the global lead when it comes to selling smartphone units, Samsung Electronics sits in fourth place for China’s smartphone market during the first quarter of 2015. The news comes from industry analysts and is surprising to consumers around the world.

Most experts think that Apple is not the only competitor that Samsung needs to worry about if it has plans in dominating the Chinese market. At the top of the list when it comes to smartphone sales in that country is the Chinese phone brand Xiaomi Inc. which accounts for almost thirteen percent of smartphone sales in China or 110 million units. The Xiaomi brand is closely followed by Apple which holds about 12% of the market with Huawei Technologies, another Chinese company, coming in third place with ten percent market share.

Strategy Analytics has not released the sales data of Samsung Inc. when it comes to its units, however they expect Samsung to return to the top three smartphones in China in the second or third quarter due to the popularity of its new S6 handsets released in April. Strategy Analytics also expects that Apple Inc. will surpass Xiaomi as the popularity of the Iphone 6 and 6 Plus is continuously gaining momentum in the country. Apple stated last Monday that they have experienced a 71% sales increase in this country which amounted to 16.8 billion dollars.

In the world market, Samsung continues to take the lead with its 24% market share. While Samsung holds a large percentage over Apple which sits at 18% worldwide, the 24% is a decline from last year’s figures which put the company at 31% market share.

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