Amazon Launches New B2B Marketplace

After the success of Amazon’s home service marketplace launch online last month, the online retailer has now just introduced a B2B version of this same service. The B2B version allows individual business owners or companies to directly connect with any suppliers based in the United States.

Amazon Business aims to offer connections in any industry including oil companies, mining, or even those that are involve in biotechnology to get exclusive discounts and pricing from their website whenever they purchase in bulk. Additionally, there will be free shipping for any purchases above 49 dollars similar to Amazon’s other services. Customers can even have the option to get Amazon guarantee for additional security.

This new service that Amazon offers attempts to solidify its spot online as the primary middleman users choose whenever they need a certain product, service, or supplier for their business.

Forester Research has estimated that by the year 2020, the business to business online marketplace will account for about twelve percent of the total business to business earnings for the entire United States.

Amazon Vice President Prentis Wilson has stated that with this particular service, individual businesses will have the access that they need when it comes to products that are exclusively available with discounts normally given only by wholesalers. Amazon business will soon be available nationwide with categories inside the website ranging from large industrial equipment, medical products, office supplies to education and other business needs. Hard to find items like large deep fryers, steel drums, traffic lights, or even antibodies can finally be searched through the help of Amazon Business.

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