A good sponsored post service is the first thing that Cryptocurrency exchanges, Forex and Stock brokers need for marketing online, Advertising has become an important faction of Forex marketing platform given the fact that the domain of Forex trade has been expanding rapidly with each passing day. New traders join the market to engage in a profit building business. However, the problem with advertising is the fact that people have a love and hate relationship with it.

    This is why people tend to fast forward through the ads or install the ad blocking feature for browsers. Sponsored posts are an alternative option for proper content marketing in the Forex market that is interesting, informative as well as attractive for the audience. It tends to create awareness amidst the readers and traders about the Forex market without actually making the viewers cringe.

    Sponsored Post

    Unlike any native ad, Sponsored posts tend to gel well with the environments instead of looking disruptive or jarred. Sponsored contents are also termed as Advertorial which often looks similar to articles with some witty, educational and entertaining content placed inside the post in a proper flow. It falls between a traditional advertisement and blog post. Sponsored posts come from the influencers of the trade market which carries some weight and relevance for the readers without being too promotional.

    Why should you opt for sponsored posts?

    To be honest, organic reach for your Forex profile or portfolio has graded down given the fact that the competition has accelerated over the last few years on platforms such as Facebook or Google. With an incredible brand by your side, you need to get the word out, and sponsored posts for Forex are just the way to do that. You can get your very own sponsored Forex post with http://www.fxstay.com/ as a trusted service provider.

    How to start with the Sponsored posts?

    Now that we have convinced you to begin with Forex sponsored posts for your business. You need to know where to start with. First, you need to begin with finding the right kind of Forex influencers that can create or post a sponsored content representing your portfolio or brand. You can find many influencers that would be glad to help you out with an affordable fee.


    Your budget for a sponsored post depends on a variety of elements which includes duration, influencer’s charges, length and number of posts, etc. There are no hard and fast rules for the commercials to be set.

    Metrics to Remember

    When investing in the sponsored Forex posts, you need to remember two major metrics that can play a major role in determining the success of your campaign.

    Click-Through Rates:

    You need to analyze the metrics for the number of people that clicked on your call-to-action present on the sponsored Forex post.

    Audience Temperature:

    The next thing you need to determine is the positive or negative reaction of your audience to the content.

    So, now that you know the basics of Forex sponsored posts know that you should always begin with small posts and increase the length post success of the previous one.