With the price of Bitcoin and similar cryptocurrencies fluctuating on a weekly basis and even sooner at times, it has become very important for any portfolio owner to keep track of the same. The marketplace has been booming with numerous applications that can be used by any trader to ensure that his/her portfolio has been performing better than anyone else. Here is a list of the best applications in the industry that can help with crypto-management.


    BlockFolio is a top ranking cryptocurrency management tool that supports Bitcoin as well as altcoins that exist today in the market. Apart from being an efficient management tool, it is a prominent mobile-based solution that helps in tracking the investments by a trader. Users get the portfolio’s comprehensive overview with exchanges on the particular coins’ trade performance. The news section of the tool is also a beneficial addition. The best feature about BlockFolio is the detailed notifications for the price. This comes in handy for the traders dealing with substantial price fluctuations in the exploration of altcoins.


    CoinTracking has managed to achieve the right set of things with a name that is marketable enough to gather enough users. The application specializes in the tracking of profits as well as losses incurred by a specific portfolio. Along with the tracking feature, the app comes with tax-related tools. CoinTracking also supports about 26 different types of currency exchange management. Free to use, this tool is available for both the web as well as desktop.


    CryptFolio is focused on allowing the users to keep a track for their cryptocurrencies along with their investments, miners, and equities. The prime feature of this tool is the generation of regular portfolio reports. The app comes with two different plans for crypto management. The first is a free version while the other is a premium option that comes with additional features at a price tag.

    Not much is different between the two options. The premium account can be purchased with a price of US$240 as per recent market. Going premium comes with regular notifications and technically analytic solutions. Apart from these features, one can also initiate payments via CryptoFolio for currencies such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Litecoin.


    Another common application popular among trade market users is the TabTrader. It is one of the common applications being used for portfolio management. TabTrader has been modified recently after its launch to support more than a dozen FX exchange. However, the app still lacks some of the foreign and small exchanges that one cannot expect on a regular basis to dominate the currency market. The TabTrader operates smoothly on the mobile platform; however, widgets for any currency might show a lag now and then. Force-close is the only option to get the app to start fresh with all the new changes. Being a free app, one cannot expect the best features integrated into it.

    Now, using any application should come with a whole lot of research to ensure that you are getting the right kind of input about the trade market you have invested in.

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