Rcoin Global RCG, blockchain-based platform, promises to start mining with ASIC, RPool is the main pool network validation. The Rcoin Global project has a hybrid network which means it can be validated via POS and POW. The project that started its crowdfunding for US$0.05 is being negotiated between its supporters for offers of US$1.15, offers giftcard, integration with exchange, validation in less than 15 seconds and extra low fees. Rcoin RCG may be the revolution of digital commerce.

    The first decentralized marketplace platform that offers gadgets, cars, real estate and electronic products. The project was created to directly connect small electronics manufacturers, service providers and sellers with their target audience and solve the core problems of retail; Excess intermediaries, high margins and limited choices.

    The dominance of large networks has led to a dissonance in online retail. The lion’s share of the market is currently concentrated in the hands of large retailers, which offer buyers a limited range of products. Individual manufacturers have no chance of breaking into the main sales platforms; It’s hard for them to compete with big vendors and cheap-looking products, and buyers are actually deprived of choices.

    The Rcoin Global project (Currency Revolution) will help all talented manufacturers to showcase their products to an audience of 1 million people who can properly value their inventions. Buyers will be able to find goods not available on other platforms and buy them for the price of the manufacturer. The marketplace platform will be managed by the suppliers themselves, which would significantly reduce costs. What we will have here is a new free market, free of intermediaries and low quality copiers.

    The technology presented on the platform uses as a native Token RCG, which can be acquired by fiduciary coins or other cryptocurrencies. The token project offer several advantages: they offer an agile payment, their transfer is encrypted, their registration is available at blockchain, allow the sale without incurring the Platform committee, can be negotiated among users, They give you access to additional resources that the platform can make available in the future and much more. In addition, the number of RCG tokens is limited, which will maintain its value. The project team ensures that distributed tokens to the infrastructure, Rpool project, and Reserve will not be distributed until all public offer is being negotiated preventing possible value fixes. The number of new Token introductions can occur over a period of up to 20 years, controlled by its Rhash algorithm.

    The project is being developed by a professional team with a lot of experience and collaborators for Europe, Asia and South America.

    The price of a token is determined by the last negotiated value. RCG tokens can be acquired with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and several other common cryptocurrencies, like: BitcoinCash, EthereumClassic, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, and many others. The minimum purchase is only US$10, Rcoin Global through partners and contributors offers Giftcard on Ebay, Amazon, 2joy.io and cṙyptopia.com. The funds raised will be directed towards new releases, projects, integrations, marketing, development, infrastructure, research and new adaptations of the Rcoin Global platform.

    Rcoin Global Marketplace demonstrated in this first quarter of 2018, to be a good choice of usability and investment as it kept its platform active and operational. Rcoin Global will change how to negotiate and make online payments.