If you own a large vehicle like a van, lorry or pickup truck, there are plenty of business opportunities that you can start. In this blog post, we will give you a few different potential ideas of what you can do with your large vehicle. You may be able to start off small on your own and grow your company over time. So, let’s run through these four business concepts in a little more detail.


    A haulage business is probably the most obvious thing that you can do with your large vehicle. To get things started, you may just want to target residential and small business clients, and build up to getting commercial customers over time. You can start off simple by hauling junk and yard waste, but you obviously need to ensure that you have the correct lorry insurance and check all the appropriate rules and regulations. If you already have the vehicle and plan to just operate on your own to begin with, startup costs are relatively low.


    With more and more people getting things delivered online rather than going into the shops, there are a host of opportunities for people wanting to start delivery companies. You could start off with smaller independent clients, before building up to a full-scale courier business. Efficiency and good organisational skills are two of the things that you need in spades. Always check the individual rules of your local area before going any further down this path.

    Yard Work

    Perhaps your background lies in landscaping or yard maintenance, in which case your large vehicle can be a major boon in helping you to launch this sort of company. It can be used for transporting all your equipment around, as well as hauling away and debris that is no longer needed. For larger landscaping jobs, you will need a particularly big vehicle which has the ability to transport stones, concrete and building materials.

    Mobile Services

    If you have a particular skilled trade that you can offer people like plumbing, electrical work or carpentry, a van or pickup truck is an absolute essential. Make sure that it is branded up with your logo and colour scheme to add an extra layer of credibility to your operation. These are businesses that succeed or fail based on personal recommendations and word of mouth, so you need to be ready to put in the hard work to begin with until you can establish a stellar reputation for yourself.

    So, if you have been wondering what to do with your big vehicle for some time, why not use it to start a business? Of course, it is only one tool that you will need on your road to success, but it is an essential part of any of the four company ideas listed above. Over time and with enough hard work, you could have a whole fleet of vehicles operating under your company name.