Oil is a very popular commodity traded globally. Oil Brokerage is not another new or confounded model. It exists from ancient times, since it productively gives a capacity that increases the value of purchasers and merchants who may frequently have contending goals yet require each other. Oil is one of the items that have turned out to be prevalent recently with foreign exchange merchants. With the cost of oil so firmly associated with the cash rates, the oil advertise frequently conveys a decent opportunity to Forex merchants to expand their standard benefit through oil exchanging dealers.

    An oil merchant can be named as a delegate that enables purchase and offer the product crude oil. Normally, oil merchants are approved security representatives working particularly at an exchange or through the web or telephone. They may moreover join mediators working for essentials associations with the ultimate objective of orchestrating higher arrangement costs for oil refineries or those working for makers to organize a lower price tag.

    Crude oil trading is distinct. If any individual is interested in trading crude oil the best available source is to apply for an trading account with any foreign exchange broking company which offers a online crude oil trading service. There are a number of foreign exchange brokers out there inside the marketplace that offer buying and selling on this commodity as an asset on a regular online basis. On line trading offers you with a desire of tools for the reason and includes contract for distinction (CFD). This allows buyers flexibility and to take a position at once on oil price without the need to fear about the complexities of futures contracts.

    There are two types of crude oil traded in the market Brent Crude & Light sweet crude oil. Commonly traders who trade online deal with light sweet crude oil but some traders also trade in Brent crude oil too. Oil is a famous online trading instrument on contract for different stage. Oil is an unpredictable item that is driven by supply, political and natural elements, and the request of vitality driven countries. On the grounds that oil is dependably in the news and can shock and in addition impact the everyday existence of individuals.

    Advantages of Forex Brokers in Crude Oil Trading:

    • Use impact that gives a chance to acquire critical benefits.
    • Openness of inventive and also tip top trading instruments, for instance, social trading, modified trading, etc.
    • Simplicity and availability/accessibility to each and every one that wants to trade in this commodity.
    • Free training individually.
    • Free demo accounts.
    • Accessibility of welcome rewards or different sorts of limited time offers.


    Having cleared some details relating to crude oil, below is a table that specifies some companies that offer online trading in Crude oil.

    Below is the list of best oil trading brokers


    Sr.No Company Name Broker Type Minimum Deposit Maximum Leverage Minimum Lot Size Spreads
    1 XM.com DMA/STP, MM $5 888:1 0.01 Variable
    2 FBS ECN/STP, DMA/STP, MM  $5 500:1 0.01 Fixed and variable
    3 AVATrade Market Maker  $100 400 0.05 Fixed
    4 eToro Market Maker $50 400:1  0.01 Fixed
    5 Plus500 STP/ECN/NDD/DMA  $25 500:1 0.01 Variable