Good customer service is essential to the survival of any business or organization. Without such a key element, you can expect your reputation to suffer. Customers and stakeholders will go elsewhere - and take their money with them.

    Quite often the one thing we will take away about a particular company is their customer service. If we’ve had a good experience, we are likely to recommend the firm to other people. Indeed, we will be more inclined to use them again ourselves.

    Did you know there are seven golden rules to customer service success? Want to know what they are? Keep reading to find out:

    1. Listen to your customers

    One of the ways customer service staff fail in their roles is by ignoring what’s said to them. Having people repeat themselves is both annoying and frustrating for the customer!

    The number one golden rule of customer service is to ensure you listen to everything that gets said to you. That way, you are less likely going to deal with an angry person!

    1. Take ownership of problems

    It still surprises me today to see so-called customer service agents passing the buck, as it were. When a client comes to you with a problem, they are talking to you about it. Not the five other people in your business they get forwarded to!

    Take ownership of any problems. People prefer to have one point of contact in an organization.

    1. Don’t be afraid to give some leeway to an issue

    There will be times where customer service staff deal with unusual or rare problems. Tempers can flare if you refuse to be flexible with your analysis of the issues. Your customers will thank you for giving their case consideration.

    1. Don’t talk to customers unless you know what you’re doing

    Some business owners assume that customer service is a skill everyone is born with. Of course, you and I both know that’s not the case! Customer service training by Training Connection is a good way of having staff trained to a high standard. And other providers can offer to train your staff too.

    1. Don’t forget to apologize on behalf of your colleagues

    One thing that annoys the hell out of me is when customer service agents don’t apologize! If the company has done something wrong, they should admit that fact and seek to rectify it.

    It’s likely the customer will have suffered some hardship. The least an agent can do is say sorry. It doesn’t cost anything and shows that your company cares.

    1. Be respectful

    There will be times where your customers may not fully understand what’s going on. For example, they might not be aware of certain conditions or issues. Or they may even have learning difficulties.

    Be respectful to all your customers. Don’t mock them or treat them bad.

    1. Ask for feedback

    Last, but not least, feel free to ask for feedback on your service. It’s a good way to gauge how well your company is doing. And it gives you the chance to put right any recurring problems.


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