Finding a great non-profit to donate to can be a daunting task. As established and startup businesses are looking for tax deductions, the interest in charities suddenly finds its way to the forefront of conversations. However, instead of just randomly deciding on any non-profit or organization, why not zero in on a very worthy cause that helps with your finances and also with making you feel good about where you’re putting your money? Consider medical issues that scientists always need funding to perform proper research. Studies for cures for genetic diseases that affect small children, like cystic fibrosis, are ideal places to start. There’s great satisfaction in knowing that your money is really making a difference in the daily lives of so many people.

    Did You Know?

    Since knowledge is power, it’s a good idea to research into any foundation you are considering contributing to. The more you know, the more you can make better-informed decisions. Unless you have experienced a disease like cystic fibrosis personally or within your family, you may be surprised at some of these facts:

    •          There are over 17,000 mutations of the disease known at this time
    •          Children are usually diagnosed with it by the age of 2 and the expected survival age is between 40 and 50
    •          It takes two parents, each having at least one copy of the gene that’s defective for their child to have the disease; there’s a 25% chance the children will have it
    •          With both parents carrying the gene, the child has a 50% chance of becoming a carrier, making future generations susceptible to being diagnosed with cystic fibrosis

    Okay, so now that you know some basics, just exactly what is cystic fibrosis? Organs like the lungs and pancreas become clogged and damaged by a substance of built-up, sticky mucus. Because of this layer covering the organs, breathing becomes difficult and digestion is inhibited causing patients to become malnourished.

    What Do They Do?

    Due to funded research, things like supplements that help the pancreas to absorb valuable nutrients and medicines that can be inhaled to help clear and open airways for better breathing have been developed. For over six decades since the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation was established, it has brought awareness, research, and effective treatments to the table helping those affected to hope for a longer, more productive life. Aggressive research, clinical trials, and targeted training are always at the forefront of this foundation’s agenda.

    Biotechnological companies like the one co-founded by molecular technologies innovator Harry Stylli worked with the foundation to help develop the initial targeted therapy. Every time there is a breakthrough, lives are changed and people are helped.

    Where Will You Help?

    Because this genetic disease targets small children and is at this point incurable, the need for more extensive research and funding is paramount. With lives getting cut nearly in half, the hopes to have a fulfilling career and build a family seems almost impossible to those affected.

    Do some investigating into the causes and effects of cystic fibrosis and other health concerns that are in desperate need for proper research funding. When you are contributing to a cause that affects so many lives, it feels good to know that your company’s name is connected to organizations that are actively improving and extending the quality of life for small children and young adults. There are many opportunities out there and cystic fibrosis is only one example. So instead of making it just another charity to donate to for a tax deduction, have your money make a difference in the lives of others and be proud of where you donate. Taking some time now could give valuable time to someone who desperately needs it.