A happy married life thrives to have a financial stability to remain secure and to accomplish the needs of the future like a dream house, family planning, education, loans, vacations, marriage, and many other day to day requirements - be it a necessity or a leisure stuff. Understanding and accepting the fact that financial planning is a must have element to live a tension free life. And, especially if we talk about the Pension Plans the scenario becomes more critical, as Pension Plans are not just another financial product, these are must have in any individual’s life.

    Modern day couples are even more responsible towards the buzzing words like retirement planning and Pension Plans. In previous generations the couple used to save by hiding for any unforeseen situations. However, the trend is changing rapidly as more and more number of couples has already started emphasizing on joint financial planning and retirement planning. Even financial planners support this blend of decision making towards financial planning to achieve the end objective of a financial secured life.

    6 major Retirement Planning tips for retirement as a couple:

    Plan your Financial end Objectives

    Discussion is the key to reach to a consensus about any decision making and especially in the case of planning about future, that is the only and the best way. Couple must sit together and share the insights towards the retirement planning. It would ultimately help you understand each other’s plan. In this manner, the couple would know what they have to achieve and also the answer to questions like what should be the income at the time of retirement? What could be our outflow at the time? What would be the inflation rate and several other similar questions?

    Creating the Retirement Planning Blueprint

    This is another critical stage of decision making towards best retirement planning and selection of pension plan, as any mistake in planning leads to sure shot failure in the execution. The couple must attempt to analyze the various options available about different Pension Plans or any other pension plan products. Proper tax planning should also be done as it can save down major chunk of your hard earned money for your retirement funding or pensions.

    Saving Together for Retirement

    Married life is not just fun and enjoyment it’s also about responsibility towards each other. The couples nowadays are more educated about the various options to make the retirement smoother. So, the experts suggest saving together for planning a peaceful retirement. Saving and investing in the best Pension Plans available in the markets would definitely leads to saving of unnecessary expenses, saving of Taxes, and eventually securing retired life financially.

    Shared Income Evaluation

    As in the case of Life or Medical Insurance, the premium is finalized on the basis of the age of the insured; similarly, it happens in the case of retirement planning or Pension Plans. The investments towards Pension Plans have to be done considering the factors like age of the couple, income of the couple, and the pension they will need after retirement to maintain a certain standard of life. The Planning must be done in alignment with these factors in mind. Various flexible plans are also available in the market providing an option to increase or decrease their contribution towards these Pension Plans. A Couple can simply choose from Individual or Joint Pension Plans from different options.

    Simultaneous Retirements

    Experts advise Couples seeking retirement planning not to retire at the same time as it could lead to negative implications and a loss of harmony in the normal routine life of a couple. Multiple adjustments need to be performed to act as a buffer to sustain these effects. So, the optimum way is to retire one at a time and not the other way. And if the Couple is confused about this decision making process of investments in Pension Plans, an advice must be taken from a financial planner.

    Decision about Beneficiaries

    Any individual who derives benefits from something, generally like Investment plans etc. is termed as a beneficiary. The couple while planning and while implementing the plans must make a very critical decision about whom to nominate as a beneficiary of your investments. In the case of any unfortunate demise of an insured, the accumulated amount has to be transferred to the nominee or the beneficiary. Alteration can be done related to this issue in coordination with the financial organization from where you have bought a Retirement or Pension Plan.


    A happy married life starts with love, affection; peace grows through the phase of responsibilities and ends at happy retirement age. To achieve this Couple must educate, plan, and implement the retirement planning by choosing the best Pension Plans available in the market to live a peaceful Retired life.