VerizonThe US telecommunications company Verizon negotiate for acquisition of AOL or joint venture with the with multinational media company, as it wants to expand its proposals in the field of mobile video services, according to sources familiar with the situation. Verizon has not made a formal offer to AOL and so far not concluded any agreement. Verizon is interested mainly from program advertising technology to AOL, through which can automatically buy and sell online advertising.

    Sources say the two companies could combine their activities in future product related to the online video. Only a few years ago refused a deal with AOL Time Warner, and its chief executive Tim Armstrong transformed web portal to a different company. A joint venture will allow Verizon to focus on technology ads at a time in which the company aims to gain more experience in three areas – content online and mobile video ads.

    Research firm Emarketer predicted in July that mobile advertising will lead to increase in cost of media advertising in the United States, and advertisers will spend 83% more means to reach consumers in tablets and smartphones, compared to 2013. In nominal value increase from 8.04 billion USD. If the transaction is concluded, Verizon will receive 2.3 million USD. Paying customers of AOL, as well as brands such as Huffington Post, TechCrunch and Engagdget. AOL paid in 2010 around 25 million USD for the news blog TechCrunch.

    The both companies Verizon and AOL declined to comment the possible acquisition. However, the rumors about the acquisition or joint-venture sank the shares of AOL on NYSE.