EmploymentThe private sector US employment remained under expectations in November according to the latest data of Automatic Data Processing (ADP) and Moody’s Analytics. New job positions reached 208,000 last month with expectations for an increase of 222,000. The ADP data last month you were revised up to an increase of 233,000 from the previous estimate of 230,000. Change in employment, measured by ADP, is the total number of unemployed who have found work in the last month. The index is a key condition for the labor market in the US.

    According to the analysts the breakdown shows that employment growth in small businesses largely remained for the second consecutive month, reaching 101,000 after an increase of 103,000 in the previous month. The growth in the average business has slowed down to 65,000 from 122,000 in solid previous month.

    Data have traditionally come two days before the government report on new jobs outside the agricultural sector. The market expects the statistics rose by 230,000 last month and the unemployment rate to remain unchanged at 5.8%.