US bank failuresThe number of US bank failures at the end of 2014 reached its lowest level since 2007, according to the Commission on deposit insurance (FDIC). The last time on 19th December 2014, the Commission stopped the activities of Northern Star Bank in Minnesota. The creditor became the eighteenth bank that closed its doors in the country last year. In 2007, the US went bankrupt only three financial institutions, while in 2010 this figure reached a historic high of 157 banks. In 2012, 51 were declared bankrupt banks, and in 2013 – 24.

    Since the crisis US banks have significantly improved their balance sheets, while expanded lending and profits. However, the number of bankruptcies in the sector is still higher than before the crisis, when the number of failed financial institutions for years was one digit. The number of problem institutions in the US declined for 14 consecutive quarters. As of September 30, 2014 their number was 329 compared to 354 at the end of June, according to the Commission on deposit insurance.

    A maximum level of 888 problem banks was recorded in January-March 2011. In the period before the crisis of 2007 in the informal list included only 76 financial institutions. FDIC insures deposits up to 250,000 dollars. The scope of the authority currently fall 6589 banks and savings institutions.