During the second week of October, U.S. Money Reserve held a remarkable sale that allowed customers to purchase silver and gold coins at exceptionally low prices. The company’s Coin Week Sale ended on October 13th, the founding anniversary of the U.S. Navy. To celebrate this important day, U.S. Money Reserve will donate a portion of salesto the U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation.

    Exclusive Coins

    Customers had the opportunity to purchase two different memorial coins at steep discounts. They could choose between the silver and gold versions of the75th Anniversary 2016 Pearl Harbor coin. The Perth Mint manufactures these products and exclusively permits U.S. Money Reserve to distribute them in the United States and abroad.

    Both coins feature detailed images depicting the Japanese assault on Pearl Harbor. When interested customers examine the pictures, they can see a pair of Japanese military airplanes and three American ships. The numismatic experts at U.S. Money Reserve pledge that each coin contains the specified amount of gold or silver and guarantee the product’s purity and weight.

    Honoring Veterans

    The sale did not only give buyers a chance to order coins at sharply reduced prices; it also provided funding for the U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation. Every purchase resulted in a five dollar donation to this highly respected nonprofit. The foundation originally partnered with U.S. Money Reserve when the company debuted the exclusive Pearl Harbor coins approximately two years ago.

    Last year’s sale helped finance the new Lone Sailor statue in Honolulu, which officials unveiled on October 13, 2017. The bronze monument honors men and women who served in the Navy during World War II and is accessible to visitors of Hawaii’s Pearl Harbor Visitor Center. The USS Arizona Memorial is located nearby.

    Sculptor Stanley Bleifeld designed the 1,700-pound Lone Sailor statue. Although the monument primarily consists of bronze, its base contains steel that divers salvaged from the wreckage of the USS Arizona. The memorial foundation’s president has thanked U.S. Money Reserve for generously providing much of the funding. This year’s Coin Week Sale will help the organization continue its important work.

    Awards Dinner

    Four U.S. Money Reserve directors and vice presidents recently traveled to Washington, D.C., to attend the U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation’s Lone Sailor Awards Dinner. This event took place at the National Building Museum, where staff members spoke proudly of their company’s partnership with the nonprofit. During the dinner, Navy veterans received awards for achieving great success in civilian and naval careers.

    U.S. Money Reserve’s Coin Week Sale enabled enthusiasts to honor the nation’s Navy personnel while acquiring eye-catching memorial coins. This distributor has a long history of supplying high-quality merchandise containing precious metals. The Texas-based company began selling platinum, gold, and silver products in 2001. It employs skillful numismatists and researchers, and continually works to expand its wide selection of attractive coins.