ETF SharesThe investors who withdrew from the stock market earlier this year are back and returned their investments in ETF. Over the past four weeks over 41 billion USD have flowed into the US exchange-traded funds (ETF), reverse the outflow, which reached 40.2 billion USD last month.

    The index MSCI All-Country World increased with 5.8% from the low reached on 4th February, when the turmoil in emerging markets sparked speculation that the global economic recovery may be delayed. The return of the capital to shares is the latest sign of the confidence in the 5-year bull market, which gained momentum against the 11 consecutive quarters of US GDP growth.

    The MSCI Index reached its highest level since 2007, as the investors indulged in weather the bad data on retail sales in USA and the housing market are not short of expectations. Meanwhile, the world leaders pledged to maintain the accommodative monetary policy to support growth.

    In March, in the Global ETF shares are invested 15.3 billion USD. The investors have been withdrew 15 billion USD in January, when the index MSCI All-Country World decreased with 5.8% on 4th February after Argentina unexpectedly devalued the peso, Turkey doubled the interest rates and the industrial production in China slowed.