If you’re considering hiring a public adjuster as reinforcement or a second opinion when it comes to your insurance claim, you’re going to need to put a ton of trust in that third party company. Public adjusters are responsible for protecting your rights as a victim of an event that left you with damage as well as maximizing your payout from your insurance company. Excel Public Adjusters provide the following services to their clients:

    • Assess building damage
    • Provide damage restoration services
    • Review insurance policy coverage and the water damage restoration process
    • Evaluate clients compliance responsibilities
    • Investigate and measure the extent of the loss
    • Evaluate replacement cost and/or depreciation
    • Assemble business equipment claim
    • Assemble support data for loss of income claim
    • Prepare documentation for advance payment request
    • Evaluate microbial contamination (mold)
    • Assess total loss claims and review insurance estimates
    • Expedite the claim process
    • Negotiate final recovery to the insured’s satisfaction

    One of the best ways you can decide if you want to use a public adjuster is by reading the third party’s testimonials. Testimonials are important when it comes to services that can affect your livelihood (and stress levels for the coming months). Excel Public Adjusters are one of the most trusted groups of public adjusters in the Los Angeles area, with 20+ years of experience, 2,100+ successful projects, and 4,200+ claims settled.

    Below are some testimonials for Excel Public Adjusters.

    “I am extremely satisfied with their fast response & customer service. Compared to other companies I tried to reach out or have support from they are not as fast and as accurate and professional as this company. Thank you”

    • Jesse K.

    “Excellent service and they were very efficient. Had a problem in our kitchen but now I love the way our kitchen looks. Would recommend to others”

    • Minsoo S.

    “Had severe water damage at home, but they dealt with it perfectly. Had problems with the insurance company afterwards, but excel adjusters helped us out all the way. Extremely good at their job. Highly recommend”

    • Minwook S.

    “Good job to the Excel Adjusters team. Thank you for always being so prompt in responding and taking care of our home repair quickly and efficiently. You made our water damage situation much less stressful thanks to your help.”

    • Christian P.

    “We used Excel adjusters service a few month ago and I can’t be more happy and appreciate the professionalism and great care that we got and the amazing results we got!”

     -Richard S.

    Public adjusters work for you, not the insurance company you’re battling with. Having someone with the expertise in your corner during the lengthy and confusing process is an asset in itself. Studies show that when you hire a public adjuster to work on your insurance claim, you receive on average 474% more money in your settlement than you would have received if you had worked with the insurance company on your own.

    Excel Adjusters are specifically equipped for theft, flood, earthquake, fire, and water damages. You can find pictures of client home and business damages that Excel Adjusters worked with here.

    As with any service, public adjusters need to be paid too. The way they’re paid is through a small percentage of your final claim. You can look at this from two angles. 1) You’re going to have to fork over a portion of the money you’re receiving that was supposed to be put towards fixing your home/business and replacing damaged objects. 2) The public adjuster knows he or she is being paid through a portion of the final settlement value; therefore they’re going to do everything in their power to make that a large number.

    Besides the monetary risk, public adjusters are great consultants. Excel Adjusters actually offers free consultation and will work with you through the entire length of the process. The tradeoff is there and every case is different, but you should always consider hiring a public adjuster.