What is Secure Paymentz?

    Secure Paymentz (https://securepaymentz.us) is one of the best Banking Software businesses for all entrepreneurs who would like to start a financial business projectt. This software can also be used for Exchangers, Trading companies, loan businesses etc.

    How does Secure Payments Work?

    This Banking Software can be used as a mobile and desktop system. Both systems are connected to a high security server, this way all transactions can be done in a secure way. There is also an administration system included where the admin can control all users, and of course there is a separate section for users where they can verify all their transactions.

    How can I install the system?

    Secure Paymentz will install the system directly onto your server, or you can also use their servers. You can also have a source code, so investing in Secure Payments is like having your own system.

    Can you use Bitcoin with this Banking Software Script?

    Yes, the ewallet banking script system comes with the ability to use bitcoin/ltc as well as adding other additional cryptocurrencies.

    In regard to banks, are you ready for the new Fintech revolution?

    Yes, actually it is already a reality. There are banks like Ally Bank USA that allow you to open an account right from your phone. If this exists in the United States, it will soon be coming to the rest of the world. In fact we can take this as a learning opportunity to advance the financial Spanish speaking world.

    How can I get in contact with Secure Paymentz?

    Enter our website https://securepaymentz.us for more information about our Banking Software or if you would like see all services that we offer, please go to https://web.securepaymentz.us. You can also visit our blog https://ewallet.software