In just the past year or so, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have been able to produce significant returns for savvy investors. Not many people have a firm grasp on what blockchain is and exactly how cryptocurrecies work, but that’s not stopping investors from making a ton of money.

    At StoneGate Digital (, a premier blockchain-focused multi-strategy fund platform, they invest in blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and digital assets. StoneGate’s mission is to help create widespread blockchain technology innovation and integration, while bringing above average returns to their hedge fund investors.

    Blockchain is predicted to be adopted by a multitude of large corporations due to its potential to disrupt many different industries. In fact, the investment in blockchain by enterprises is estimated to reach $3.1 trillion by 2030. Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin have already proven how lucrative they can be. Bitcoin is currently worth about $8,000 but reached its peak not too long ago at $20,000. StoneGate scatters their hedge fund investments in order to maximize long-term return with moderate risk. Below are the hedge funds that StoneGate offers.

    StoneGate Diversified Digital Asset Master Fund

    The objective of the fund is to earn above average rates of return through short term and long-term capital growth and income generation while reducing volatility. Some of the strategies utilized in this fund include giving investors diversification into long/short term spot cryptocurrency investments, algorithmic trading, pre-ICO and ICO investments, digital asset mining and executing other opportunistic investments.

    StoneGate Octic All-Weather Blockchain Master Fund, Ltd.

    This fund uses a multi-strategy approach that utilizes both systematic and data-driven cryptocurrency investment strategies that are based on fundamental inputs and quantitative inputs. This fund focuses on three crypto asset investment approaches:

    • Short-term trading
    • Relative value
    • Long-term investing

    The fund includes active risk management for its long-term success because of the volatility of the crypto market. A key aspect to the risk management of the fund is limiting the downside by robust research, nimble system allocation, careful management of net exposure, and the potential to profit in any market environment. The combination of quantamental based strategies and discretionary oversight of the management team places the fund in the best position for success.

    The StoneGate SoHo Return Fund

    This fund invests in core ETF’s and apply option overlay in order to generate income and even out volatility. The team uses proprietary trading and risk management strategies in order to adjust for risk and leverage returns as best as possible. The advantages of the fund include:

    • Above average risk-adjusted returns
    • Institutionally seasoned portfolio manager
    • Potential to profit in all market environments
    • Active risk management
    • Option strategy increases income potential
    • Strategy seeks to generate 1.5x to 2x return of S&P 500

    StoneGate Pollinate Cryptocurrency Master Fund

    This fund uses proprietary algorithmic technical and fundamental analysis to analyze opportunities. The funds has many advantages including:

    • The fund will invest in emerging, digital asset space managed by early adopters of blockchain and digital assets
    • Strategy trades long and short- potentially profiting in all markets
    • Scalable, allowing for future trading of other cryptocurrencies and meta digital assets
    • Four distinct trading models utilize technical analysis, proprietary algorithms, and data mining to increase odds of success
    • Active risk management is used to maximize profit opportunities and minimize drawdown
    • Experienced executive team and portfolio manager

    StoneGate is launching a new hedge fund this year called StoneGate Berkley West Arbitrage fund. More information can be found on what this fund has to offer by contacting investor relations here.

    Their StoneGate BlueFlame HealthCare Venture Fund is another fund they offer, but is currently not taking on new investors.

    All of the private investment funds are offered exclusively to high net worth and institutional investors. If you’re interested in investing in a lucrative digital asset hedge fund, you can find more information by calling (404) 736-9255 or emailing StoneGate at