Blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and digital asset funds have revolutionized the financial industry. Nonetheless, despite their many advantages, digital funds represent a very volatile market, one which is moving at a fast pace, and it is still changing and evolving. As such, to minimize investment risks, it is best to work with experts that specialize in monitoring and engaging with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. From this point of view, there is no better choice than Stonegate Global fund services. They are industry leaders in fund formation, but also in regulatory compliance, fund administrations, investor services, and all other financial services that have to do with cryptocurrency and digital asset funds.

    Who can benefit from the Stonegate Global Fund Services?

    The Stonegate services are addressed to startup managers, but also to existing managers who are looking for alternative investment fund formation options. The Stonegate team is comprised of highly skilled staff members that constantly monitor the digital funds market, and who actively engage with the big players in the cryptocurrency community. They can help you attract the best institutional investors for starting a new fund. With a wide experience in both domestic and offshore fund formation and administration, the Stonegate experts can help you achieve your financial goals with minimum risks. The services are aimed at saving time and money during the fund formation process, while also offering comprehensive solutions for fund administration or prime brokerage. They ensure targeted introductions to leading institutional investors, helping both startup managers and existing managers achieve their financial goals in a safe, cost effective and timely manner.

    The main advantage about working with Stonegate is that they employ efficient technology systems which allow clients access to valuable online data such as fund reports, tax information, financial statements and much more. They have over 400 clients spread in over 100 cities across the world. Their clientele includes institutional investment funds, portfolio managers, allocators, pension funds, global family offices or multi-manager funds.

    Cost-effective fund administration services

    The Stonegate Global fund services specialize in large multi-jurisdictional fund structures as well as emerging manager fund products. They provide comprehensive and complex solutions for different assets such as fund of funds, blockchain, hedge funds, private equity funds, cryptocurrency funds and many other investment fund products. The administration services are cost-effective and they include AML/KYC, investor subscriptions, redemptions, management of capital calls, shareholder register management, cash reconciliation, risk management reports, P&L reports, regular portfolio accounting, shareholder reports, NAV calculations, FATCA/CRS compliance procedures, cash management, K-1 data reports, cash management and numerous other financial services. The Stonegate Blockchain Fund Administration services cover the full regulatory spectrum, and include all fund types. The best thing about these services is that they are user friendly. Both managers and investors can access numerous fund documents through an easy to use online reporting platform.

    Efficient fund formation services

    The Stonegate fund formation services can serve hedge funds, private equity funds, venture capital funds, oil and gas funds, real estate funds and numerous other investment products. They establish and structure funds in the US and many international locations such as Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, Luxembourg, Canada, Mauritius, Hong Kong and several other locations. They help their clients navigate the diverse US financial market and deal with international regulatory compliance. They specialize in SEC compliance, NFA/CFTC registration, AIFMD, FATCA/CRS and several other banking and financial service preconditions. Since each client has unique business objectives, the Stonegate experts focus on developing unique strategies for each client, in order to build the best investment fund products.

    Prime brokerage

    By collaborating with reputable affiliates, Stonegate provides prime brokerage services that give their client’s access to numerous global custodians such as Goldman Sachs Execution & Clearing, Wells Farg, Pershing/Bank of New York, ICBC, COR, Merrill Pro/Bank of America/Merrill Lync, IBKR and many others. Their services are aimed at helping hedge funds find the necessary securities in a cost and time-effective manner, in order to achive an absolute return of investment.