RenaultRenault reported sales growth 4.7% in H1 2014, as the demand in Europe offsets the decline in emerging markets. The Renault’s global sales have increased to 1.37 million vehicles, driven by the success of the new model Clio and the increased demand for compact crossovers company. Renault relied on growth in emerging markets to withstand the prolonged loss of position on the continent in times of crisis that shrank search to 2-decades bottom.

    “Sales in Europe increased by 18%, but shrank by 9% in the rest of the world”, indicated by the official statement of Renault. “Out daughter company Dacia is the fastest growing among European producers”, finished the statement.

    The Russian market, which was the second largest for Renault a year ago, dropped to third place in the first half of 2014, Argentina fell from fifth to eighth place while Algeria retreated from sixth to eleventh position. Models like the crossover Dacia Duster helped the company to gain ground against competitors in Latin America and the so-called region of Eurasia, the core of which stands Russia. Sales in Europe in the first half of the year largely due to the new models, including the Renault Clio and a mini crossover Captur.