The real estate industry is something that will always be relevant. But in order to meet consumer demands, it also has to constantly evolve and twist depending on what recent fads are.

    We can speculate what 2017 will bring in terms of changes to the market, but the general idea is that no matter how much trends change, we cannot predict them by just looking at the property market. We also have to look at how the country’s education is going, what the unemployment rate is and also what areas of the country are booming.

    This is why it’s important to create a niche within the property market. It doesn’t matter if you are a first-time investor or a successful business owner with a solid portfolio of property developments, there are niches you can capitalise on if you know where to look and who to target.


    Holiday Homes

    Wealthy individuals will always look for ways to improve their holiday experience, and one of the major investments they make will always be a holiday home. Whether it’s in a tropical paradise or an urban city, holidaymakers with a lot of cash to spend will always be looking for homes for sale in luxurious locations, remote areas, and bustling cities.

    When appealing to holidaymakers, it’s important that you try and focus on internet exposure rather than local. This is because when someone wants to buy a holiday home, they typically use the internet and most likely won’t walk down to their nearest estate agent in London to look for a home in Shanghai—that just doesn’t work. Make sure you give your website enough exposure to have it appear high on Google’s search rankings and make sure you operate close to 24 hours a day so you never miss a potential client.

    First-Time Buyers

    The property market is scary, and for many first-time buyers, they will most likely have no clue on how to look for or buy a property. It can be incredibly expensive for them to get the right help, and that usually involves a lot of discussions, calls and emails. However, if your real estate agent promises to accommodate first-time buyers, you essentially offer them a full package solution that will take them from their old rental to their own home.

    One of the biggest advantages to a business that specialises in first-time buyers is the likelihood of referrals. If a first-time buyer uses your services and is pleased with the results, then they won’t hesitate to recommend your services to their friends as well. This can cause a chain of repeat businesses and a growing reputation that will grow your company.


    Student Homes

    Young adults and teenagers all across the world are looking for better opportunities to improve their education, and they do this by moving closer to their desired colleges and universities. Sadly, they don’t exactly have a lot of money and thus, they need to look for student accommodation that fits within their budget.

    If you operate in a prime location that is close to a well-known or prestigious school, you’ll be surprised at how much attention you’ll get for offering cheap student apartments that offer all the basics they need. These typically operate as rentals, but it’s a fantastic way to get a lot of business and build up a property portfolio.