RadioShackThe giant in electronics RadioShack may claim for bankruptcy protection in February. Based in Texas, USA, the company is in talks with another company to acquire a significant portion of the shares by which to avoid bankruptcy. The talks, however, may not lead to a deal that will put RadioShack with the need to seek other options for debt restructuring, which excludes sale. According to the information RadioShack has reached out to potential lenders who could provide loan to finance the action before the case of bankruptcy. Company representatives were not available for comment.

    The retailer, which announced better than expected loss for the third quarter of 2014, warned in September there will be a possibility of bankruptcy. Subsequently, the fund Salus Capital Partners said it would provide 500 million USD to support the company to finance its operations. The shares of RadioShack fell by almost 60% since September, when the company announced the possibility of bankruptcy. At the end of trading in the US on Wednesday a security worth 0.41 USD.