How high up in your list of things to do is creating a happy office environment? If you say at the bottom, you’re missing a trick here. The happier your office environment is, the happier your employees are going to be. What do happy employees equal? They equal more sales. If your employees are coming into your office with a face like thunder knowing they have to look at the same four boring walls all day, they’re obviously going to be demotivated within the first few hours. So, we’ve got some office essentials to make sure you perfect this happy environment.

    The Set Up

    First things first, you need to think about the layout. As much as you want your employees to be focused on their work 24/7, you also want to make sure they’re having some fun in an open environment. Don’t close your employees off from each other. Keep everything spacious so that they are able to talk if they wish to. Talking is perfectly fine as long as their productivity levels are high. Secondly, you need to make sure you’re giving them the comfiest place of all to work. Comfort truly does play a key part in their overall happiness. If they’re sitting on a rock hard chair, with a tiny office desk all day, they’ll be wiggling about desperate to leave by lunch time. Get a comfy office chair with plenty of back support. That’s another thing that many bosses fail at. Their staff are ending up with back problems due to the rubbish furniture they’re providing. Posture is massively affected by sitting in a chair for 8 hours a day, it’s this poor posture that starts to cause back pains. The comfier and more supported your employees are, the happier they’re going to be.

    Fun Additions

    There are some really fun additions that you can put into an office to spice things up a little. One idea we think you’ll like is a little sofa and TV area for them to relax. A lot of employees will work through their lunch break sat at the desk. This is highly demotivating, but a nice TV area gives them the space away from the desk, without having to find somewhere that’s away from the office. You could also use this chill out area for rest breaks during the day to boost productivity.

    The Part You Play

    You’re the biggest office essential for a happy environment. The more overbearing and assertive you are, the more the mood in the office is going to change. Whilst you don’t want to be too over friendly, try and keep the atmosphere lively and fun yourself. Have a conversation with your employees so that they feel at ease around you rather than on edge. If you have an issue with how someone is working, talk to them politely and calmly away from the office rather than racing in like a bull in a china shop to potentially embarrass the employee in question.