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    Brain Monitoring Market 2018 to 2022

    The North America Brain Monitoring Market is expected to exceed more than US$ 12.0 Billion by 2022 at a CAGR of 7% in the given forecast period.

    The scope of the report includes a detailed study of and regional markets for North America Brain Monitoring Market with the reasons given for variations in the growth of the industry in certain regions.

    The report covers detailed competitive outlook including the market share and company profiles of the key participants operating in the market.

     Key players profiled in the report are as below:

    Cadwell Laboratories

    Nihon Kohden Corporation

    Nonin Medical Inc


    Advanced Global, Inc


    Compumedics Ltd

    Grass Technologies

    Company profile includes assign such as company summary, financial summary, business strategy and planning, SWOT analysis and current developments.

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    The North America Brain Monitoring Market has been segmented as below:

    By Product Analysis

      • Devices
        • Type
          • Electroencephalography (EEG) Devices
          • Transcranial Doppler (TCD) Devices
          • Magnetoencephalography (MEG) Devices
          • Intracranial Pressure (ICP) Monitors
          • Cerebral Oximeters
          • Computerized Tomography (CT) Devices
          • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Devices
          • Sleep Monitoring Devices
          • Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Devices
          • Electromyography (EMG) Devices
        • Procedure
          • Invasive
          • Noninvasive
      • Accessories
        • Type
          • Electrodes
          • Pastes and Gels
          • Sensors
          • Caps
          • Batteries
          • Cables
          • Other Accessories (Monitors, Adapters, Impedance Meters, Transducers, and Catheters)
        • Usability
          • Disposable
          • Non-disposable/Reusable

    By Disease Type Analysis

      • Epilepsy
      • Parkinson’s Disease
      • Dementia
      • Huntington’s Disease
      • Stroke
      • Headache Disorders
      • Sleep Disorders
      • Traumatic Brain Injuries
      • Other Diseases (Autism, Schizophrenia, Williams Syndrome, Landau-Kleffner Syndrome, Depression, Attention-deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Dyslexia, and Sickle-cell Disease)

    By End user Analysis

      • Hospitals
      • Neurological Centers and Research Institutions
      • Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASCs) and Clinics
      • Ambulances
      • Diagnostic Centers
      • Other End Users (Academic Institutions and Home Care Settings)

    By Regional Analysis:

    • United States
    • Canada
    • Mexico

    This report provides:

    1) An overview of the market for North America Brain Monitoring and related technologies.

    2) Analyses of market trends, with data from 2015, estimates for 2016 and 2017, and projections of compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) through 2022.

    3) Identifications of new market opportunities and targeted promotional plans for North America Brain Monitoring Market.

    4) Discussion of research and development, and the demand for new products and new applications.

    5) Comprehensive company profiles of major players in the industry.

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    Table of Contents

        1.1    KEY TAKE AWAYS
    1.5.1    MARKET SIZE
    1.5.2    MARKET SHARE

    2 Research Methodology
        2.1 Secondary Data
    2.1.1 Key Data From Secondary Sources
    2.2 Primary Data
    2.2.1 Key Data From Primary Sources
    2.3 Market Size Estimation
    2.3.1 Bottom-Up Approach
    2.3.2 Top-Down Approach
    2.4 Market Breakdown and Data Triangulation
    2.5 Assumptions for the Study

    3 Executive Summary 

    4 Premium Insights
        4.1 Brain Monitoring: Market Overview
    4.2 Brain Monitoring Devices Market Size, By Type
    4.3 Geographic Analysis: Brain Monitoring Market, By Disease Type (2016)
    4.4 Brain Monitoring Market, By End User
    4.5 Geographic Snapshot of the Brain Monitoring Market

    5 Market Overview
        5.1 Introduction
    5.2 Market Dynamics
    5.2.1 Drivers Increasing Incidence and Prevalence of Neurological Disorders Rising Awareness of Neurodegenerative Disorders Technological Advancements in Brain Monitoring Devices Growing Incidence of Traumatic Brain Injuries
    5.2.2 Restraints High Cost of Complex Brain Monitoring Devices and Procedures Unfavorable Reimbursement Policies
    5.2.3 Opportunities Increasing Demand for Noninvasive and Minimally Invasive Devices Expanding Therapeutic Applications of Brain Monitoring Devices Increasing Application in Clinical Trials
    5.2.4 Challenges Shortage of Trained Professionals Stringent Regulatory Guidelines Competition From Local Players in Emerging Markets

    6 Brain Monitoring Market, By Product
        6.1 Introduction
    6.2 Devices
    6.2.1 Brain Monitoring Devices Market, By Type MRI Scanners CT Scanners PET Scanners Intracranial Pressure Monitors Electroencephalography Devices Cerebral Oximeters Sleep Monitoring Devices TCD Devices MEG Devices Electromyography Devices
    6.2.2 Brain Monitoring Devices Market, By Procedure Noninvasive Devices Invasive Devices
    6.3 Accessories
    6.3.1 Brain Monitoring Accessories Market, By Type Electrodes Sensors Pastes and Gels Caps Batteries Cables Other Accessories
    6.3.2 Brain Monitoring Accessories Market, By Usability Disposable Accessories Reusable Accessories

    7 Brain Monitoring Market, By Disease Type
        7.1 Introduction
    7.2 Traumatic Brain Injuries
    7.3 Stroke
    7.4 Dementia
    7.5 Headache Disorders
    7.6 Sleep Disorders
    7.7 Epilepsy
    7.8 Parkinson’s Disease
    7.9 Huntington’s Disease
    7.10 Other Diseases

    8 Brain Monitoring Market, By End User 
    8.1 Introduction
    8.2 Hospitals
    8.3 Neurology Centers
    8.4 Clinics & Ambulatory Surgical Centers
    8.5 Diagnostic Centers
    8.6 Ambulances
    8.7 Other End Users

    9 Brain Monitoring Market, By Region
        9.1 Introduction
    9.2 North America
    9.2.1 U.S.
    9.2.2 Canada
    9.3 Europe
    9.3.1 Germany
    9.3.2 France
    9.3.3 U.K.
    9.3.4 Rest of Europe
    9.4 Asia
    9.4.1 Japan
    9.4.2 China
    9.4.3 India
    9.4.4 Rest of Asia (RoA)
    9.5 Rest of the World (RoW)

    10 Competitive Landscape
         10.1 Market Player Ranking
    10.2 Competitive Situation and Trends
    10.2.1 Partnerships, Agreements, Contracts, and Collaborations
    10.2.2 Approvals, Clearances, and Product/Technology Launches & Upgrades
    10.2.3 Expansions
    10.2.4 Acquisitions
    10.2.5 Other Strategies

    11 Company Profiles
         11.1 Introduction
    11.2 Natus Medical Inc.
    11.3 Nihon Kohden Corporation
    11.4 Philips Healthcare
    11.5 GE Healthcare
    11.6 Siemens Healthineers (A Division of Siemens Ag)
    11.7 Compumedics Limited
    11.8 Electrical Geodesics, Inc.
    11.9 Medtronic PLC
    11.10 Cas Medical Systems, Inc.
    11.11 Advanced Brain Monitoring, Inc.

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