Amazon deThe E-commerce company Amazon seems once again have to bear the impact of workers’ strikes and cook for her in Germany. The trade union Verdi calls the company’s employees protest, they have already started on Sunday night shifts in the units of the US company in Bad Hersfeld and Leipzig. On Monday, the strike expands into divisions in Graben (Augsburg), Werne (North Rhine-Westphalia) and Rheinberg in the Ruhr area. In Werne will strike until Tuesday night, and the other places – until Wednesday. Thus for the first time simultaneously strike five divisions, said of Verdi. In late September, the trade union has organized similar protests in five divisions of the company in the country, but they did not go together.

    Amazon in the strike continued intermittently since Easter 2013 union urges management to sign an agreement of the charge, as in Germany operate in the retail and business items. But Amazon positioned the company as a company in the “Logistics”, where average salaries are traditionally lower. So far the US corporation refused any negotiations with employees. The Amazon strike instance no negative impact on customers and customer site supply. In Germany, the company has over 9,000 employees in nine cities across the country.

    Last week, the US e-commerce giant reported its biggest quarterly loss in 14 years. The jump in the cost of developing new products, licenses for music and video, as well as other parts of the strategy for expansion of the Seattle company, led to a net loss of EUR 437 million. Dollars in the third fiscal quarter. The amount is significantly greater than the loss in 2013 of 41 million USD. Most loss comes despite the 20% increase in revenue to 20.58 billion USD. Due to the financial results the company’s shares plunged in Friday’s trading session.