Hoping to spike sales in the spring season, Home Depot is pushing a new promotion this April with their ‘Cyber Week’ sale starting on the 19th of the month.  The move is expected to boost sales just like the winter holiday season but in a time where no holiday is celebrated.

    While Black Friday targets shoppers for brick and mortar store purchases in the hours after Thanksgiving, cyber week or even the bigger Cyber Monday is focused on shoppers ordering online which has added a whole new element for retailers to cater to.  FOr weeks and even months before the event, shoppers go in search of the best online deals hoping to avoid stores by ordering holiday gifts online.  Home Depot appears to be bringing this type of atmosphere to the spring season with its latest promotion.

    Just having ended its latest promotion called Spring Black Friday, Home Depot will continue with another special sales promotion on April 19.  The giant home improvement retailer is hoping this spring sale will rival the massive sales from the winter cyber week.  Experts in retail sales have commented that online sales for traditional brick and mortar businesses like Home Depot have grown into the lower middle percent area over the last few years which has brought more focus for the retailers to promote.

    Home Depot will not be the only retailer putting out a spring Black Friday or Cyber Week type of event.  Rival Lowes matched the previous event that ended days ago with their own sale and is expected to also launch their cyber sale this month.  Wal-Mart is also expected to do the same having just finished sales program with ‘Black Friday-like’ pricing in its stores.