Who doesn’t love to save a bit of money? No matter what we do, money is always on our minds and we do our best to save it. However, it can be a little pointless to save money that doesn’t have a purpose. For example, if you currently save up money but you don’t have a set limit for an emergency fund and you aren’t starting your retirement fund yet, then why not spend that money?

    However, not everyone has excess money to spend. There are times when we’ll sit around waiting for an opportunity to arise in which we can make money (a very typical scenario for a freelancer). However, there are some places where you can get money, and you’ve probably been missing out on it for a while now. So without further ado, here are a handful of places you’re neglecting when it comes to a quick burst of cash.


    Your recent accident

    Be it a car crash that gave you a few days off work or something more worrying such as a neglectful employer that forgot to give you safety gear for a job, if you’ve had an accident within the past three years then it’s still recent enough for you to take action. You can contact a service such as Zlotolow and Associates in order to get the most out of your situation. They’ll help walk you through what to expect, how to approach the legal matters and give you an estimate of how much compensation you’ll get if you successfully win the case. Many people show concern because they are worried that their boss will get angry at them for making a claim against the company they work for, but in the grand scheme of things, this actually helps the company by reinforcing the safety rules that should be in place.

    Those old antiques

    If you’ve been living in your home for a long time, then you probably have some antiques laying around that might be worth a bit of money. It’s worth digging through old storage boxes and rooms to try and find something suitable to sell on a website like eBay. It could be old electronics that are worth a lot of money now or it could be something limited edition like a fashionable item. It’s a good idea to do some digging and try to find out what those products are before you set the item price too low. For antique furniture, you could even hire a professional analyst that will grade your furniture.


    Those forgotten savings

    If you tried to discipline yourself in the past on frugal spending, then you might have hidden a stash of money that was intended for emergencies. But in order to train your mind to only use it in an emergency, you might’ve forced yourself to forget about it, or perhaps you simply forgot how much money was in the savings account in the first place. In times like this, it’s worth checking old bank statements and accounts to ensure that you don’t have a hidden stash of money hidden somewhere in an unused bank account.