Ahyanah Mincy, a college student and a blogger on Mogul from U.S. writes about Mothers who run their businesses. According to Ahyanah, Women are often stressed out trying to multi task motherhood with life among other things. She throws light on the stressful part of women’s life by writing blogs stories about women entrepreneurs. In her blogs, she writes about many women’s point of view about their own businesses and personal life balance. She writes stories about different women who are an inspiration to others.

    1084baf5b1In her blogs, she has introduced the readers about a woman who is helping medical patients suffering from nausea because she herself has experienced the same problem. She writes about how being a mom is a difficult task and then adding a business into the mix makes it more challenging and being a mother is number one job role of a mother and everything else comes second.  A woman inspired readers by saying that you should know that you are doing best at the moment. Good time management can be the strongest assets of a businesswoman. A mother advises that everyone needs to relax because life is hectic and women should learn how to love themselves fully and connect with other mothers in their free time. In her blogs, we can find that most of the women are saying that children give purpose in life and not to feel guilty when mothers are not at home with their kids because they are at least contributing to the family income.

    A women entrepreneur said that she became entrepreneur to spend more time with her family and have financial freedom. Life is short and one can’t get back the special time back that is spent with family. When a mother does job, then her children are also introduced to the importance of hard work and time-management. After reading her blogs, any mother will get inspired to do something out of her passion.

    Ahyanah Mincy is helping the women entrepreneurs and their talent to get recognized by people. Her writings are telling about all the difficulties women go through when she tries to manage her personal and professional life both. Her blogs are not only about describing the women who are already entrepreneurs but she writes to motivate women who are sitting at home even after having lot of potential within them.