Masterful Money Saving Moving Advice Google Docs

    There’s no doubt that moving home can be expensive – and that’s not just talking about the price of your new house on its own. You have to consider all the other financial implications like hiring a removal company, and buying any furniture or other items you may need. This can all add up over time, quickly draining any budget that you had set aside.

    If you are looking to make moving home a little more cost effective, here are just a few ways that you can do this.

    Clear Out Your Old Things

    Moving house gives you the perfect opportunity to get rid of some of the things you no longer have any use for. With so many selling platforms available online, it just makes sense to advertise these to see if you can make a little bit of extra cash to fund the move. Not only this, you won’t have to pay your moving company extra to transport things that you really don’t need around. Plus, your new place won’t be totally filled up with clutter!

    Shop Around for Utilities

    Make sure to take a bit of extra time comparing quotes from different providers. Thankfully this doesn’t have to be a time-consuming process as there are so many price comparison websites out there these days. You can find yourself saving a great deal on your monthly bills simply by going elsewhere. And if you’re going to be receiving exactly the same product, why wouldn’t you shop around?

    Check Your Shutdown Dates

    Try to match the shutdown date of your utilities with your moving date as much as possible. It’s not a great feeling knowing that you’re paying for a service that you’re not even benefitting from! If it’s something like cable, you may well be able to survive the last couple of weeks in your old place without it. This is less advisable if it’s electricity!

    Work Out How You Can Utilise Your New Space

    If you have a new house which has a spare room, you may well want to rent this out to make a bit of extra money each month. Alternatively, you could use it as storage space as there are also websites out there which allow people to pay you to store some of their things. If you get this set up before you move, you can start monetising any disused space straight away.

    Organise Your Time Efficiently

    We’ve all heard the expression: time is money. Make a detailed plan of everything you need to do before you move and roughly how long you think it will take you. Don’t drag out this process for months and months, but rather get it done as efficiently as you can. You may be able to use the time you save doing something more productive like working or building up your business. Remember, time is a precious commodity so there is no point wasting it if you don’t have to!