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    Manufacturing Execution System (MES) & Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI) Market 2018 to 2022

    The global MES and EMI market is divided into North America, Western Europe, Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan), Central Eastern Europe (CEE), Middle East & Africa and Latin America. North America has the largest share of the market and these countries are the early adopters of these information systems. Asia-Pacific is set to become a global manufacturing hub and thus holds immense potential for the market.

    MES is used by themanufacturers to retain specific manufacturing and engineering knowledge tocounter the loss of manufacturing and engineering skills and experience. Also,used to analyse and report resource availability and status, schedule andupdate orders collect detailed execution data such as material usage, labourusage, process parameters, order and equipment status, and other criticalinformation.

    The EMI market willgrow at a CAGR of 16.4% during the period 2015-2020. The MES market will growat a CAGR of 15.6% during the period 2015-2020. The growth is due to the increasingconcern of visibility in the manufacturing cycle. Also, now companies requirestandardization of all the processes involved in manufacturing due to whichthey started using EMI and MIS solution Moreover, manufacturing organizationare being compelled  to adhere with the standards and regulations formanufacturing, pollution, energy, quality, etc.

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    This study coversand analyses “MES and EMI market” globally. Bringing out the complete keyinsights of this industry, this report aims to provide an opportunity forplayers to understand the latest trends, current market scenario, governmentinitiative and technologies related to the market. In addition, helps theventure capitalist in understanding the companies better and take informeddecisions.

    Key Topics Covered:

    1 Industry Overview

    2 Report Outline

    3 Market Snapshot

    4 Market Characteristics

    5 Trends & Roadmap

    6 Enterprise Type: Market Size & Analysis

    7 Product Type: Market Size & Analysis

    8 Industries Type: Market Size & Analysis

    1. Regions: Market Size & Analysis

    10 Vendor Profiles

    11 Companies to Watch For

    12 Competitive Landscape

    13 End-User Views

    14 What our Peers are Estimating

    Companies Mentioned 

    – ABB Ltd
    – General Electric Company
    – HCL
    – Honeywell INC
    – Parsec Automation Corporation
    – Rockwell Automation

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    Table of Contents

    1 Industry Overview

    2 Report Outline

    3 Market Snapshot

    4 IoE Marke

    5 Market Characteristics

    6 Trends and Roadmap

    7 Technologies: Market Size & Analysis

    8 Services: Market Size & Analysis

    9 Applications: Market Size & Analysis

    10 Devices: Market Size & Analysis

    11 Verticals: Market Size & Analysis

    12 Regions: Market Size & Analysis

    13 Competitive Landscape

    14 Global Generalists

    15 Companies

    15.1 Wireless Logic Group Ltd

    15.2 Axiros GmbH

    15.3 Enlighted Inc.

    15.4 Sigfox

    15.5 Altimetrik Inc.

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