Local Physio, an industry leading online platform that allows patients to find physiotherapy clinics in their vicinity and book appointments, has announced plans to expand into other healthcare disciplines following the acquisition of Health Advisor. The news comes as the physiotherapy near me service prepares to relaunch their website with the addition of new functionality, including a real-time booking system, which will ensure patients can book instant appointments with fully qualified medical experts whenever they need them.

    A Complete Healthcare Solution

    Health Advisor allows patients to access a huge database of healthcare professionals from a range of disciplines. The website is easy to use and returns results within seconds so that users can book appointments with primary care practitioners and dentists, in addition to specialists like psychologists, therapists, dieticians and dermatologists, without leaving their seat or picking up the phone.

    By combining with the longstanding services already provided by Local Physio, Health Advisor can enable patients to take control of their own health and well-being. Patients can book healthcare appointments just as easily as they book a hotel or a flight online. It’s a powerful proposition, which provide on-demand services to those that need them in a way that’s convenient and entirely compatible with 21st century life.

    The Benefits of Health Advisor and Local Physio

    Health Advisor and Local Physio provide a simple solution to a complex problem and has the potential to revolutionise the way patients interact with healthcare services in the UK by giving them immediate access to all the information they need to book an appointment with the right specialist at a time and location that works best for them. They can also map the location of the various service providers and compare costs in real time. Any bookings made are confirmed instantly by email.

    It’s not only patients who can benefit from Health Advisor and Local Physio neither. Practitioners can leverage the technology to transfer the administrative, high-cost burden of the traditional diary booking system to a more effective service. Both Health Advisor and Local Physio also facilitate last minute bookings too. This can significantly reduce the costly impact of last minute cancellations by allowing other patients to take advantage of vacated slots.

    About Local Physio

    Local Physio enables patients to search for physiotherapists, compare different clinics and book appointments with fully qualified and accredited experts. Patients would previously telephone clinics directly to book, but the newly launched, instant-booking process will enable them to secure an appointment within seconds.

    The acquisition of Health Advisor is a logical step for a company that has developed an excellent, service-driven reputation within the physical therapy sector. Local Physio can now harness its innovative technology to allow patients immediate access to healthcare services across a wide range of primary and secondary healthcare disciplines.