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    Liquid Nitrogen Market Research Report Forecast 2018 – 2024

    The Liquid Nitrogen Market size is projected to grow from USD 12.48 Billion in 2015 to more than USD 15.00 Billion by 2022, at a CAGR of more than 5.00%.

    The liquid nitrogen market is growing rapidly in accordance with the growth in the industrial gas market.

    Liquid nitrogen is being considered as a zero-emission fuel source to hydrogen and electric fuel cells. One of the main advantages to liquid nitrogen is its cost. In US it is for a tenth of the price of the milk.  A recent advance in engine technology allows the energy released by vaporizing the nitrogen to be used in a much more efficient way, which has spurred engineers in Europe into more research on liquid nitrogen technology.

    Companies Profiled in this report are as below:

    Nexair LLC.

    Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation

    Air Products and Chemicals Inc.

    Gulf Cryo

    Emirates Industrial Gases Co. LLC.

    Southern Industrial Gas BHD

    Linde Ag

    Praxair Inc.

    Air Liquide S.A.

    In the company profile, there is the summary section, the company, and the financial summary, business strategy, and planning, SWOT analysis.

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    The Liquid Nitrogen Market is segmented as per below;

    By End-Use Industry:

    • Chemicals & pharmaceuticals
    • Automotive
    • Food & beverages
    • Healthcare
    • Metal manufacturing & construction
    • Rubber & plastic
    • Others (electronics and energy)

    By Storage, Distribution, and Transportation:

    • Cylinder & packaged distribution
    • Merchant liquid distribution
    • Tonnage distribution

    By Function:

    • Coolant
    • Refrigerant
    • Fuel

    By Manufacturing Process:

    • Cryogenic distillation
    • Pressure swing adsorption

    By Geography:

    • North America
    • Europe
    • Asia-Pacific
    • RoW

    Wherever low temperatures are needed there liquid nitrogen is used as a cryogen. It is used in cryosurgeries, cryotherapies, and cryopreservation to destroy decayed tissues and for removing warts, moles, skin tags, verrucae, and some skin cancers. Additionally, it is used as a coolant in temporary shrinking of mechanical gears at the time of machine assembly, to make better intrusion fits. This function is projected to encourage the demand for liquid nitrogen during the forecast period in this report.

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    Table of Contents:

    1.1    KEY TAKE AWAYS
    1.5.1    MARKET SIZE
    1.5.2    MARKET SHARE

    2 Research Methodology
    2.1 Research Data
    2.1.1 Secondary Data Key Data From Secondary Sources
    2.1.2 Primary Data Key Data From Primary Sources Breakdown of Primary Interviews
    2.2 Factor Analysis
    2.2.1 Introduction
    2.2.2 Demand-Side Analysis Rising Population Increasing Income and Spending Capacity
    2.2.3 Supply-Side Analysis Industry Regulations Fluctuations in Fuel Prices
    2.3 Market Size Estimation
    2.4 Market Breakdown and Data Triangulation
    2.5 Market Share Estimation
    2.6 Research Assumptions & Limitations
    2.6.1 Assumptions
    2.6.2 Assumptions Made for This Study
    2.6.3 Limitations

    3 Executive Summary
    3.1 Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals is Projected to Account for the Largest Share By 2020
    3.2 North America is Projected to Dominate the Global Liquid Nitrogen Market By 2020
    3.3 The Indian Market is Projected to Grow at the Highest CAGR From 2015 to 2020

    4 Premium Insights (Page No. – 46)
    4.1 Attractive Market Opportunities in the Liquid Nitrogen Market
    4.2 Liquid Nitrogen Market in the Asia-Pacific Region
    4.3 Emerging and Developed Markets for Liquid Nitrogen, 2015 vs 2020

    5 Market Overview
    5.1 Introduction
    5.2 Market Evolution
    5.3 Liquid Nitrogen Market Segmentation
    5.3.1 By End-Use Industry
    5.3.2 By Function
    5.3.3 By Storage, Transportation & Distribution
    5.4 Market Dynamics
    5.4.1 Drivers Electronic Products Have Seen an Increased Demand Healthcare Sector has Seen A Steady Growth Growing Food & Beverage Industry
    5.4.2 Restraints Structural and Regulatory Restrictions
    5.4.3 Opportunities High Demand From Chemical Industry
    5.4.4 Challenges Intricate Manufacturing Process

    6 Industry Trends
    6.1 Introduction
    6.2 Value Chain
    6.3 Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
    6.3.1 Threat of New Entrants
    6.3.2 Threats of Substitutes
    6.3.3 Bargaining Power of Suppliers
    6.3.4 Bargaining Power of Buyers
    6.3.5 Intensity of Competitive Rivalry

    7 Liquid Nitrogen Market, By End-Use Industry
    7.1 Introduction
    7.1.1 Liquid Nitrogen Market, By End-Use Industry Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals is the Fastest-Growing Segment for Liquid Nitrogen During the Review Period
    7.2 Healthcare
    7.3 Food & Beverages
    7.4 Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals
    7.5 Metal Manufacturing & Construction
    7.6 Rubber & Plastic
    7.7 Others
    8 Liquid Nitrogen Market, By Storage, Distribution & Transportation
    8.1 Introduction
    8.1.1 Liquid Nitrogen Market, By Storage, Distribution & Transportation Cylinder & Packaged Gas Segment is Projected to Grow at the Highest CAGR
    8.2 Cylinders & Packaged Gas
    8.3 Merchant Liquid/Bulk
    8.4 Tonnage

    9 Liquid Nitrogen Market, By Function
    9.1 Introduction
    9.1.1 Liquid Nitrogen Market, By Function Coolant Projected to Be the Fastest-Growing Function in Liquid Nitrogen, By 2020
    9.2 Coolant
    9.2.1 Coolant in Liquid Nitrogen Market, By End-Use Industry Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Dominated the Market in 2014
    9.3 Refrigerant
    9.3.1 Refrigerant in Liquid Nitrogen Market Size, By End-Use Industry Food & Beverages Projected to Be the Fastest-Growing End-Use Industry of Refrigerant, By 2020

    10 Liquid Nitrogen Market, By Production Technology
    10.1 Introduction
    10.1.1 Liquid Nitrogen Market Size, By Production Technology Cryogenic Distillation Dominated the Market, By Production Technology, in 2014
    10.2 Cryogenic Distillation
    10.3 Pressure Swing Adsorption

    11 Liquid Nitrogen Market, By Region

    12 Competitive Landscape
    12.1 Overview
    12.2 Development Analysis
    12.3 Competitive Situations & Trends
    12.4 Partnerships, Agreements, and Joint Ventures– the Key Growth Strategy, 2011–2015
    12.4.1 Partnerships, Agreements, and Joint Ventures
    12.4.2 Expansions
    12.4.3 Mergers & Acquisitions
    12.4.4 New Product Launches

    13 Company Profiles
    13.1 Introduction
    13.2 The Linde Group
    13.3 Praxair Inc.
    13.4 Air Liquide S.A.
    13.5 Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.
    13.6 Gulf Cryo
    13.7 Southern Industrial Gas Berhad
    13.8 Messer Group
    13.9 Emirates Industrial Gases Co. LLC
    13.10 Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation
    13.11 Nexair LLC

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