USDEveryone knows that the internet can save you money. We all use it to shave the cost from our purchases of consumer goods all the time, especially in these hard times. But there are loads of more unusual ways to bend the internet to this purpose. There are plenty of tips and tricks out there that are off the beaten path of the web, away from the simple price comparison websites.

    Here are our secret tips for saving money through the web.


    No, not the biscuit. Have you ever been on a website, looking at the price of a plane ticket or train journey? When you return to check out the same journey, even if it’s just a minute later, often the price will have gone through the roof. A lot of the time this is a trick that the website is using to get you to buy from them. It means that they will make more from you, but also that you will be more eager to buy as you are worried that the price will continue to rise.

    The website achieves this by recording your presence through something called cookies. These are a record of where you’ve been online. The website will see that you’re seen the page before, and charge you more as a result. To avoid this, use an incognito service on your web browser. Google Chrome has incognito browsing, which is particularly easy to access and use. When you return to the page this time the site won’t see any recorded cookies, and will charge you the first and lowest price.

    Word of Mouth

    The internet is fantastic when it comes to locating businesses, but its real strength lies in its nature as a giant forum for word of mouth news. If you’re looking for mortgage brokers in Adelaide, you’ll be able to compare them online. But you’ll also be able to look at customer feedback and testimonials online. Remember that he who buys cheap buys twice. This means that if you pay for the cheapest service and you do not get exactly what you need then you will find yourself paying for the same thing in the future. Be sure that you’re getting what you need by researching the genuine customer feedback that will be available in any number of places. That way you’ll pay less because you’ll only be paying once.

    Pick Up The Phone

    Think about all of the price comparison sites you see out there. A lot of them will allow you to book a service, say a hotel room, through them. How do you think they make their money? Sometimes it’s through advertising and charging for premium services, but sometimes they have a booking fee. To get the best deal, call up the hotel and say that you got X price from an online site. Tell them that you would prefer to book through them directly, and ask them if they can do a better price. More often than not they will offer you a sizeable saving.