Car insurance is essential for anyone who owns a vehicle, but many car owners don’t like the idea of paying premiums. The good news,however, is that you can get car insurance without breaking the bank. Examples of factors affecting car insurance premiums include where you live, the type of vehicle you drive, the age of the driver, insurance excess, and car loans among others. While it can be hard to change some factors such as where you live, you can work on a few of them to get better rates from the insurer. Below are some tips you can apply to save money on your car insurance.

    Work on Your Credit Score

    When you are late with your credit card and loan payments, your credit score is affected negatively. This not only has a negative impact on future borrowing, but it could affect your insurance premiums. Therefore, always ensure you pay your bills on time since insurers may use bad credit as a basis for giving you higher rates. If you have bad credit, work hard to pay off your debt and be careful with personal finances in future.

    Take Advantage of Discounts

    Another great way to save is to take advantage of discounts. While you won’t save thousands of dollars with discounts, the little percentage you save can help in paying other bills. Discounts can be between 5% and 20%.


    By bundling your car insurance with other policies such as home and business cover, you can also save some money. This is because most insurers are willing to give you a better offer when you give them more business. However, if you get a good offer from a different company, don’t hesitate to take it.


    When shopping for car insurance, get between three and 10 quotes and make comparisons. However, don’t make the mistake of comparing the prices only. You need to evaluate the features as well. This is because a lower rate at times translates to fewer features. Therefore, check the features first before you start the price comparisons.

    Be a Responsible Driver

    Most insurance companies reward responsible drivers with no claims discounts or bonus. The discount amount will vary and is calculated based on the number of years you haven’t made a claim on your policy. Some insurers also monitor the car owner’s driving habits before giving them a discount. This is done by plugging a small device into a vehicle that keeps trackof its movements.

    Invest in Car Security Features

    Investing in car security features can also lower your premiums. Some of the top car security features you should consider include alarms, tracking devices, and locking wheel bolts. With security features, you keep your car safe from theft. As you shop around for the best car insurance, ensure you go for one that covers all your needs.

    Don’t compromise on essential features in order to save a few dollars. Additionally, check the reputation of the provider before you sign up with them. There is no point in getting your insurance from a company that does not respond to your calls when you need them most.