Can a company survive in the market without a dependable workforce? An organisation’s employees are its most important resource. Recruiting and retaining the right people is the key to its success. But how do you attract the best employees to your company? The answer is by creating a strong employer brand.

    The employer brand of a company is the reputation it holds as an employer.Employer branding is a series of activities which improve thecompany’s image and promoteit as an employer. It is necessary in this day and age toretain the organisation’s best employees and to recruit the most suitable people for your organisation. Here, a good employer brand acts as an advantage as it provides the company with a wider range of candidates to choose from.

    Recruitment Agencies and Employer Branding

    Recruitment agencies are specialist companiesthatundertake the selection process on behalf of an organisation. A recruitment agency needs to be involved in the employer branding process to correctly represent the culture and values of the company to prospective employees. The agency also needs to understand the employer brand so that it helps in selecting candidates that are the right fit. While it remains the responsibility of the organisation to strengthen the employer brand, recruitment agencies also contribute in several ways.

    Recruitment Marketing

    Recruitment agencies act as ambassadors of the organisation. They convey the values and principles of the company and also communicate the company’s expectations specific to the job role. This gives them considerable power over how the organisation is perceived in the market. The agencies control this image-building exercise by undertaking recruitment marketing. Recruitment marketing refers to showcasing and promoting an organisation’s employer brand in the market.

    Satisfied Workforce

    Recruitment agencies also act as mediators that facilitatedialogues between the company and the candidates. They are aware ofthe needs of both the employee and the employer. Thus, they aim to fulfil the needs of both the parties. This ensures that there is greater job satisfaction and work-life balance for the employees. It, in turn, strengthens the employer brand of the organisation.

    Smooth Recruitment

    Studies show that poor candidate experience during recruitment can lead to a loss of business for the company. Further, the bad experience of one candidate will discourage others from applying for jobs at the organisation. Recruitment agencies,thus, create a satisfying recruitment experience for the candidates ensuring that the image of the company isn’t tarnished.

    Efficient Operations

    Employer branding can be more effective if the chosen channel of communication is appropriate, the target group is clearly defined, and the ideas are articulated explicitly. Having a strong employer brand is futile if not represented adequately in the market. Recruitment agencies are experts in the recruitment process and this ensures that a strong employer brand yields the expected results.

    Identify Weaknesses

    Recruitment agencies offer another dimension to the recruitment process. They offer an outsider’s perspective on the company’s culture and can help in identifying areas to improve upon. They look at the organisation by stepping into the shoes of the candidate and help create a reputationsuch that every candidate would want to work for the company.

    All organisations aim to optimize the benefits of specialisation in their day-to-day operations. The process of recruitment should be no different. Recruitment agencies offer such optimization and much more. They are the best way to employ the right person for the right job.