Rosneft investmentRussian energy company Rosneft can apply for investment assistance from the government in relation with the new extraction and research programs. The company was covered Western sanctions, which disturbed the deep drill researched of West-Siberian oil fields. The Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich said on Monday that the whole government has approved the investment program of Rosneft and can support the company with financial loans. However the formal management of Rosneft has not yet requested help from the government funds and must specify the projects for which he needed the loans.

    The access of Rosneft to the Western markets was limited by the restrictions imposed by the European Union and USA sanctions. Therefore Rosneft asked the government 42 billion USD to overcome the negative effects of restrictions.

    Dvorkovich declined to reveal details of the investment program of the Russian energy giant. In 2013 it amounted to about 600 billion rubles (15.5 billion USD) for this year is forecast that it will grow to 730 billion rubles.

    “The investment program of Rosneft was discussed during the meeting of Ministers. Overall, it was approved. There are several shades in terms of timing”, said Dvorkovich.