Florida, January 11, 2018: Vertical farming is an urban farming method where plant cultivation is carried out in multi storied building greenhouses using hydroponics or acquaponics growth mechanism. The vertical farming market will include those companies which are engaged in providing food by using vertical farming method and also the companies which provide various infrastructural services and equipment required for vertical farming. One of the main points is providing quality food with minimum use of pesticides is that these food products can be consumed by critically ill patients and by people having dermatological problems.

    The report segments the global vertical farming market on the basis of functional device, growth mechanism and geography. The report also gives the detail vertical farming market by crop types with more emphasis on key vegetables and fruits produced in vertical farms.

    Vertical Farming is the future of modern day agriculture which is completely done in indoor agriculture labs. The vertical Farming market is expected to cross USD 6 Billion by 2022.

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    Here plants are grown hydroponically, or without soil, nourished instead by the recycling of a nutrient-rich water solution. Some such farms rely on geoponics, where the water solution is misted onto the plants’ roots. The farms are typically several stories tall, allowing for crops to be stacked in an enclosed space. Photosynthesis is brought about by artificial light, and sometimes augmented by natural light, like in a greenhouse.

    The primary reason of adoption of vertical farming technology as it will help to increase the crop production without increasing additional land area. This method will not use traditional farming methods rather new cultivation methods are used like hydroponics or acquaponics. Hydroponics is most widely used for vertical farming.

    The main driving factors for vertical farming are high quality of food with no use of pesticides and also no crop failures due to changing weather conditions.

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    Table of Contents

    1 Introduction

    2 Research Methodology

    3 Executive Summary

    4 Premium Insights

    5 Market Overview

    5.1 Introduction
    5.2 Evolution of Vertical Farming
    5.3 Market Segmentation
    5.3.1 By Offering
    5.3.2 By Structure
    5.3.3 By Growth Mechanism
    5.3.4 By Crop Type
    5.3.5 By Geography
    5.4 Market Dynamics
    5.4.1 Drivers Environment Friendly Production of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables With No Use of Pesticides Reliable Production of Crops Irrespective of Climatic Change Methods Conducive to the Environment Increasing Urban Population
    5.4.2 Restraints High Initial Investments in Vertical Farming Dearth of Technical Acumen Limitations on the Variety of Crops Grown
    5.4.3 Opportunities Healthy Food for the Critically Ill and People With Dermatological Issues Geographical Opportunities of Vertical Farming in the APAC Region Production of Biopharmaceutical Products
    5.4.4 Challenges Vertical Farms on A Large Scale

    6 Industry Trends

    7 Vertical Farming Market, By Growth Mechanism

    8 Vertical Farming Market, By Structure

    9 Vertical Farming Market

    10 Vertical Farming Market, By Offering

    11 Vertical Farming Market, By Region

    12 Competitive Landscape

    13 Company Profiles

    13.1 Introduction

    13.2 Koninklijke Philips N.V.

    13.3 Aerofarms

    13.4 Sky Greens

    13.5 Illumitex, Inc.

    13.6 Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd.

    13.7 Green Sense Farms, LLC

    13.8 Agrilution

    13.9 American Hydroponics

    13.10 Urban Crops

    13.11 Vertical Farm Systems


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