Sometimes, we find that the hiring process doesn’t go as smoothly as we might have hoped. Suddenly those employees seem uninterested, lazy and unable to do the task at hand. In some cases, they just don’t seem as capable as they seemed when they came in for the interview. This is a crucial issue that you must solve quickly, or your entire business is at risk. Here are five reasons why your employees might be acting this way.


    You Hired The Wrong People

    No one likes to think that all of the recruitment processes they put in place were poorly implemented, but that might be the case. It’s easy to fake your way through a short interview, but there’s no way of doing that when you’re working in the job. Maybe, you just hired the wrong people? How careful were you throughout the recruitment process? For the most important roles, did you enlist the help of a Top 10 executive recruiter, or did you go it alone and hope for the best? It might be time to bring the professionals in.


    They Aren’t Well-Trained

    You can’t expect someone to do a good job if you aren’t prepared to train them properly. I’ve seen numerous cases where people have been asked to do something that should take months of training! Instead, they’re thrown into the deep end and asked to do something they have no chance of doing well. Make sure you’ve got adequate time and resources to train these people properly. It’s unfair on them to make them do something they can’t do, and it won’t help your business in the slightest.


    You Aren’t Motivating Them Enough

    Some people can get on with their jobs without ever needing that motivational factor. However, there are some people who thrive off it and need constant praise and satisfaction. For anyone, though, it’s good to be rewarded and told how well you’re doing. If management isn’t noticing the good work that’s being put in, employees aren’t going to feel valued. Take the time to motivate your employees and notice when they do something good. That’s all you need to do!


    They Don’t Feel Like Part Of The Family

    You spend a lot of time at work, so feeling like part of the group is important. In some workplaces, it’s easy to become parted from the rest of the family, especially if your job requires a lot of lone working. To rectify this, try and hold regular meetings with large numbers of staff. Arrange days where employees can spend time with one another. It might only be a short time or a small thing, but it can make employees feel much happier about their environment.


    There Are Bigger Issues At Hand

    Have you ever noticed an employee looking miserable, doing poor work and barely speaking to anyone? There might be another issue at hand. Don’t be afraid to pull them to one side and ask if they are having any problems. They might be suffering with depression, or maybe they’re being bullied at work? Find out the issue as quickly as you can, and you’ll be able to put measures in place to try and rectify the situation.

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